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Wireless Internet

Discussion in 'GENERAL Wireless Discussion' started by CitytoCountry, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. CitytoCountry

    CitytoCountry New Member

    Nov 13, 2017
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    Harshaw, WI
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    Hello everyone. Happy Monday.

    I have an iPhone 5s, utilize Cricket's unlimited data plan which has no caps. I work from home. I use the internet in total about 18 hrs at minimum per day. I do not generally stream Netflix, Hulu etc. I DO use Youtube very frequently as well as Pandora radio.

    I recently moved from the city to a remote (to me) area. To get internet I signed up for Exede satellite service. I am being charged $80/mo for speeds that are 1-2 Mbps. I don't think the speed is the issue per se. I survive out here in the hinterlands. It is the price.

    Cell phones are an issue at my property. Many friends/family complained that they receive no service or 1 or 2 bars on a very good day. So I coughed up some money and got a Wilson's Cell booster. I have yet to install the booster because it's 12 degrees outside and I'll wait until the Indian summer forecast for next week.

    I have used Google Voice as my phone via computer. I personally don't mind using it, however nearly all the people I speak to through the Google Voice HATE it. So getting a cellphone is a necessity. I have been researching ways to get away from satellite service as the price point for what I'm getting is not worth it.

    I have contacted the local phone company here. They refused to install a DSL line as my house is 'at end of the line'. The tech showed me what I'd be getting if DSL was installed. It was something kB, sometimes dropping to the mB range.

    I've been looking at mobile hotspots to install as a way to use that instead of wifi from satellite company. So far the best that comes up is Verizons JetPack.

    My question is: since I have Cricket, a ATT subsidary can I use the Verizon mobile wifi? The closet tower to my house is Verizon (9 miles away). The closest ATT tower to my house is 20 miles away. Does it matter? Can I somehow "hook" up to the Verizon tower with my ATT phone? If so, how?

    If you have any questions please ask. I truly appreciate your time in reading this and hope those here can assist me in creating a solution.
  2. LewisH95

    LewisH95 New Member

    Jan 2, 2020
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    Thanks for this information, it is quite helpful! Does this work only for iPhone 5s only?

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