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Why no caller ID?

Discussion in 'GENERAL Wireless Discussion' started by rjniles, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. rjniles

    rjniles Member

    Mar 18, 2003
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    Georgetown,South Carolina
    My Phone:
    MOTO E4 Plus
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    With my home phone, I get caller ID on incoming calls ( as long as it is not blocked). With my cell phone I get caller info only if the number is in my phone's directory. Why can't the cell companies give caller ID on all incoming calls so I can decide if I want to answer them? Is it technical issue or a $$ issue?
  2. Telekom

    Telekom Bronze Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Jun 12, 2006
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    Seattle, Washington USA
    My Phone:
    Nokia 5310, iPhone 3G[S]
    Wireless Provider(s):
    T-Mobile US, Fido CA, T-Mobile NL, Orange IL
    Two things working against you. One, if you don't have a mobile phone that can display caller name all you're going to get is the number or if the person is in your contacts on your phone it will show up. The other is controlled by the company you get your mobile service from. T-Mobile just introduced name and number service for $4/month (big rip off.) This only works on handsets that support name and number. Not all do. If your mobile carrier ever does support it they most likely will charge extra for it at least until it becomes ubiquitous (like regular caller ID.)

    Even with name and number CID you may not always get the number. Unless your phone company subscribes to the database lookup all you may get is the number or the number plus state.

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