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Which should I keep? a530 or VX6000

Discussion in 'LG Electronics' started by ockidd15, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. ockidd15

    ockidd15 Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Dec 12, 2002
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    So, I bought both the Samsung a530 and the LG VX6000 so I can personally play with both and see which is better. Unfortunately, I like them both. They each have equal pros & cons, so it makes it harder to choose.

    So, if ANYONE was in the same situation as I (ie. had both phones and had to choose), please let me know which phone you chose and how you came to that decision.

    I could go into serious detail about how the phones compare, but I'm not sure if many people will be interested. Or, if anyone would like to know any specific comparasons between the two (size, weight, features, quality, etc), let me know. I'd be happy to answer quetsions in detail. Anyway, any insight is appreciated!
  2. njsvrzncdma

    njsvrzncdma i cant stop the ringing..
    Senior Member

    Aug 14, 2002
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    My Phone:
    LG vx8500
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    i liked the camera on the vx6000. and my vx4400 was such a great phone i had no problem making my decistion to get the 6000.
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  3. jjjones

    jjjones New Member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    I bought the a530 just before the 6000 came out. I knew the 6000 was coming, but there had been delays, plus I assumed it would be way more expensive. I was happy with the A530, but when the 6000 came out and I compared them, I returned the a530 for the LG. I found the LG to be slightly better thought out in some minor details, like ease of setting calendar events and alarms. Apart from the obvious camera, which is fun, the phones seem very similar. The a530 is certainly smaller, but I don't find the LG really feels any worse sitting in my pocket, and in fact the larger size makes it easier to hold "no hands"-ie between my head and shoulder. Getting 2 batteries with the a530 is certainly nice, although the LG is $30 cheaper, which covers most of the cost of a second battery if you need one. The a530 has 'only' one alarm clock, where the LG has THREE, PLUS a "quick timer", and the always valuable snooze button! The a530 has a pause function during voice memo recording, the LG doesn't. The LG's main screen is easier to view in direct sunlight. The a530's outer screen is slightly better than the LG's in direct sun, but neither is very good. Overall, I prefer the LG but I wouldn't argue with some one who liked the a530.

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