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WARNING: Don't order from wirelessgalaxy.com

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG' started by boxermansr, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. boxermansr

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    Nov 10, 2002
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    El Paso, TX
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    This is just my experience. I've searched the forums, and only found two posts related to this company. Neither were negative, but lead one to believe the company could be a little shady.

    Nonetheless, on Monday the 16th, I emailed wirelessgalaxy.com customer support, to inquire about the car charger for the Samsung a530. I asked them, if I ordered it Monday, if it would arrive to me this week, by Friday, or Saturday at the latest. (I'm located in Texas, and so are they, so I assumed it should not be a problem). I was told that it would definately be here by Friday, since I live in Texas.

    Great deal.. So I place my order. I emailed customer service back, just to let them know that I'd placed my order. I get an email back, telling me that if I provide them my order number, they will personally see that the item will be here by Friday, or Saturday at the latest.

    I email them on Weds, to see if it had shipped -- get no reply. Emailed on Thursday, got no reply. Called their customer service on Thursday (was literally treated as if I was bothering them, by calling to check on _my_ order; was placed on hold three times as well). Then I was told "What did you order again" (They didnt even KNOW, even though I'd given them my order number). Then they come back "Yes sir, you needed that this weekend, right? It will be there Saturday".

    Funny -- its now Saturday.. and guess what, it's not here. Now, I'm realistic. I realize _something_ may have happened with the USPS (since thats how they ship it), but that certainly does not make their attitude towards me, when I called them, justifiable, nor does it make it any better, them ignoring customers emails.

    I tried to call all of the numbers they have listed on their webpage for customer service. Nobody answers the 800 # that is supposed to be open Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM CST. Nobody answers their direct dial sales number, and their sales MANAGERS number is disconnected altogether.

    At this point. I emailed them (whether or not I'll get a reply), and told them I want to know what's going on. If they can't make good on their deal (which they already haven't), or if they don't actually HAVE the charger, they need to refund me immediately. I told them that I'm giving them until Monday morning to get back to me, before I file complaints with the BBB in Houston, as well as calling my credit card company.

    Has anyone dealt with these people before? Am I just being paranoid? I've read a post, similar to my situation, except this guy actually paid for Priority mail, and still got screwed....

    Bottom line.. anyone have any advice? Should I just sit back and relax, or do I (at this point, and given the nature of the situation, and the communications from them -- I still have all the emails assuring me that it would be here, no problem, etc)..


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