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Voice & Data Carriers in Florida?

Discussion in 'GENERAL Wireless Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi yall!

    I own a Handspring Visor Platinum and a Seiko SmartPad2; since it stays in sync with my Outlook 2000 contact & calendar software via Infrared connection, it would be ideal to have a cellphone integrated with a palmtop internet device.. right? And unlimited online minutes/free long distance wouldn't hurt either, right?

    ...Well, it seems that I don't have alot of options
    (but I invite those of you who know better to show me what I overlooked):



    1.) Visorphone (by Handspring) free w/activation of account with Airstream; this seems like a basic voice account with additional data charge per minute, and data transfer is limited to 11200 baud;

    2.) Minstrel S Modem (NovatelWireless) --- I've seen these $250 modems go for $40 on ebay! --- with activitation of account with Omnisky in central Florida (they did file BK but it looks like they're getting absorbed by Earthlink and - eventually - Sprint (perhaps...) It's not clear, however, if this Handspring clip-in module works as a voice device (i.e., regular celphone) as well as modem;

    3.) Sprint PCS Wireless Digital Web Link - $249.00 (with $30 mail in rebate for one, $100 for two) with a activation of a Wireless Web acct. for voice and data for $59/mo. account that includes 600 anytime minutes and 5400 Night/Weekend minutes and 500 PCS-to-PCS free for both me and my wife... BTW, the Sprint rep said there's no roaming zones between Tampa and Orlando, which I may be driving frequently; also they are singing praises of this coming digital "3G" wireless technology that blows away CDMA and is supported by this device...


    I plan to use my Visor with camera attachment to capture video footage on my drive to the east coast and upload it to the web for friends/family as a sort of video travelogue along the way.


    ...Any feedback/thoughts/suggestions/ideas?

    ...Can anyone recommend one of these alternatives (or one I may have overlooked in my research) based on your experience?

    ...Does anyone have experience doing something ike this, and what reccomendations might you offer me?

    Thanks a bunch,


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