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verizon markets in ny vm issue

Discussion in 'Northeastern US Wireless Forum' started by Guest, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    im a worldcom employee.... i have insiders infomation that verizion in ny/nj (acct numbers starting in 01,03,16,27,28,39) might be expericeing vm problems due to verizon haveing a new platform for there system... if anything all you need to do is reset up your voicemail
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I question your "experiencing vm problems" statement.

    I am a Verizon customer in NY. The changes they are making to their voice maIl system is -- or should be -- no surprise. Some weeks ago they sent a notice to all of their NE customers informing them that they would be upgrading the VM system in mid-February. The notice was quite explicit about the situation and was quite explicit about the solution.

    Customers were advised -- absolutely -- that they would have to re-setup their voice mail accounts on the new system. Very detailed instructions were provided as to how to do it.

    While I am the first to concede that some customers will see this as somehow 'bad' and blame Verizon for all sorts of evil intentions and complain mightily about how Verizon has somehow made their life impossible and 'taken away' their vm, I credit them with informing the customers with exactly what was going to happen and with exactly what the customer would have to do.

    Now, whether WorldCom -- as a reseller of Verizon services -- saw fit to inform *it's* customers of this is an entirely different situation. But I'm sure that you folks knew Verizon was going to do this. I'm sure that you had ample warning. I'm sure that had you had any thoughts of your customers you would have / could have sent out notices to them similar to the ones Verizon sent to us. So if it's really *your* customers that are "experiencing vm problems" (with Verizon vm), I'd suggest that it is your own fault and not that of Verizon.....
  3. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Member
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    Nov 21, 2001
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    There are some truths to both posts. Yes, Verizon is updating their VM system to a more enhanced version (whatever that means [​IMG] ) The upgrade initially was suppose to require ALL users, regardless if they are directly connected to Verizon or indirectly connected via worldcom, to setup their vm boxes again. Since that time Verizon has changed their story and has said the vm upgrade won't force users to set up vm again. Which story is right? Only the consumers in the NY region will be able to comment on that one. Supposedly the change should have occurred already, I think February 18th? So if your vm is working then it's a non-issue.

    But if you do experience vm problems in the Verizon NY market try setting up your vm box again before calling C/S. This will save you time and a headache.


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