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Verizon Coverage In Middlesboro, KY

Discussion in 'Central US Wireless Forum' started by elvis1959, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. elvis1959

    elvis1959 New Member

    Jan 26, 2007
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    I live in Middlesboro, KY (on the KY, VA, TN border) and have Cingular as my main cell phone carrier, due to digital coverage. I have to travel daily through Lee County Virginia where Cingular has no coverage at all. Therefore, I also have a Verizon phone to have coverage there. I have repeatedly been told by the Verizon reps since last June that Verizon would be offering digital coverage in Middlesboro in July, then in September, then in December. To date, there is still only an analog signal here with Verizon. Does anyone know when Verizon will have digital service in Middlesboro (and whether it will be EV-DO)? On the other hand, if Cingular were to offer coverage in Lee County that could also be a solution. Both contracts are up, and I would rather have just one carrier. I understand that Sprint has digital coverage in Middlesboro (not EV-DO) and digital roaming in Lee County (through Verizon's towers). Would that be a good option?
  2. UFO

    UFO Bronze Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Jun 27, 2006
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    Hampton Roads, VA
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    Palm Centro
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    Sprint and alltel
    One of the first rules in choosing a cell provider is never to listen to them if they say coverage is coming to your area soon. I would be very, very surprised if Verizon built a usable network anytime soon in E. Kentucky. They only have a PCS license which is generally used for highway/interstate coverage, not usually to cover a mountainous, rural areas because they'd have to build a ton of towers to get decent coverage, and there's not that many potential customers. The problem with your situation is that Cingular only has a PCS license in Southwest Virginia. They do have great coverage from north of Kingsport on 23, but I would be very surprised if they ever built into the towns in Lee County with their PCS license for the same reason, population and terrain. There is no other GSM provider that far in SW Virginia so that seems to rule Cingular out as your single provider until they eventually do build out that far.

    Just a few quick questions though. Is your Verizon phone always displaying 'Extended Network.' I'm fairly certain that you see this a lot in your area. I'm expecting that you're mostly using Ramcell coverage in Eastern Kentucky and Alltel coverage in Southwest Virginia. Verizon does have a few cell sites there but Alltel coverage is much better in SW VA. I'm not sure if Ramcell doesn't have digital or what, they are in the Verizon PRL, but the Verizon coverage map only shows analog for the area. Maybe Verizon only allows the analog signal to be used, in any case, it's apparent that Verizon isn't an option for a digital signal at your location.

    Now for Sprint, that might be an option you would want to consider. I checked the Sprint PRL and they would allow you to roam on Ramcell and Alltel in Virginia as well as Appalachian Wireless in E. Kentucky outside of Clay County. The only problem with Sprint is that there is no native Sprint service in E. Kentucky or Lee County. You would have to get a phone number from either Pikeville or around the Tri-Cities and it would be long-distance. The other thing, if you want Sprint is, make sure you are clear in speaking with a representative that you would be getting a plan that has no roaming charges because you would be roaming almost 100% of the time and the Sprint network in Pikeville and the Tri-Cities is run by iPCS which may or may not charge for roaming. If the phone number doesn't matter, and you can get a plan with no roaming charges, Sprint is a great way to go.

    The only real options you have left are Ramcell and Alltel. Ramcell can give you an E. KY number and Alltel can give you a SW Virginia number and has by far the best coverage in Lee County Virginia. (Sprint would also roam on Alltel there.) That's actually a place I'm really familiar with. They wouldn't be bad options either but I don't know that much about Ramcell. If you do end up going with Alltel, you need to look only at the Total Freedom plans though because they're the only ones that don't charge roaming in E. Kentucky. You may also prefer one of their plans to Sprint because of the My Circle option.

    Good luck in finding a single provider, the Tri-State area there is one of the trickiest places in the nation to find a good provider because of how the licenses vary from Kentucky to Virginia to Tennesse. But Sprint, Alltel, and Ramcell should give you what you're looking for hopefully, as long as Ramcell isn't an analog-only there which it wouldn't seem like they would be. Good luck and be sure to take advantage of any trial period where you can return you phone if you have any problems.

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