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Verizon contract done. switch, re-up, or buy a used phone & wait?

Discussion in 'Western US Wireless Forum' started by boiwonder, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. boiwonder

    boiwonder New Member

    Jan 17, 2004
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    Verizon contract done. switch, re-up, or buy a used phone & wait?

    Hey all,

    I've finally satisfied my contract with Verizon, and am free to switch if I want to, so I'm seeking advice about what to do at this point. Here are the complications:

    1) I have lousy credit-- Verizon required a $400 deposit when I started, which they are now sending back to me. If I stay with them, I'm not facing another deposit from the new company. Do all the wireless carriers take big deposits?

    2) I have lots of folks I like to talk to back east, which means that, with Verizon, I have to wait to call them after 9pm my time, which is MIDNIGHT on the east coast. So I don't get to talk to my friends (including my girlfriend) til the weekend usually.

    3) I'm not rich. My $49 Verizon account ends up being about $62-65 per month when all the taxes and stuff are added on, for 500 minutes. That seems like a lot to me. I sometimes go over this and end up paying more. This might be complicated by #4, below.

    4) My current phone is shot. It's a LG 510 something or other, and it's been dropped too many times, and it's missing it's antenna, it hardly functions anymore. Calls are constantly dropped, and I end up having to call back over and over to finish one call. A new phone is needed asap.

    5) I'm based in SF, but I travel often within the US, so a good network is important.

    Here are my choices, as I see them:

    A) Stay with Verizon, get a new contract and get a new phone (and if so, which phone?)

    B) Stay with Verizon, and buy a new or used phone without extending my contract (if so, where to buy a phone, and how to activate it?)

    C) Switch to Sprint, and take advantage of the fact that their nights start at 7pm instead of 9pm (and which phone if I do that?)

    Have I missed something? I'm all ears for advice.

  2. Airb330

    Airb330 Silver Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Apr 25, 2002
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    Mt. Royal, NJ
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    iPhone 4
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    While usually I reccomend someone to stay with a carrier they are happy with, this time I cannot. It does seem that Verizon and you have gotten along, and the 510 was a great phone. However, I beleive the 7pm nights are a great asset for those living on the west coast who call back east. I would try out Sprint PCS, their coverage is probably just as good, and their credit requirements are lower. If you text message a lot, then I suggest you wait until Sprint gets regular SMS, which should happen in the next month.

    Cingular might be an option too, they also have 7pm nights, though it's for 7$, but one does not need to sign a two year contract. It depends on if you travel nationwide, how many peak minutes you need, etc. Sprint may be better, or CIngular might be better. Good luck, I'd want to help more, but I'll be in Mexico. I am sure Larry, Budney, or ILUVSOCAL could help out (along with many others). The best bets are

    Cingular Nation 500 39.99 with the 7$ add on
    Sprint PCS 45.00 plus 5$ add on

    Both are nationwide and include 500 peak minutes, and 7pm offpeak minutes. Just depends on what you like I guess. If you don't travel, Cingular Superhome might be OK, but I bet you want to travel sometimes to see your buds back east!
  3. stunna

    stunna New Member

    Oct 10, 2003
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    My Phone:
    Samsung A680
    Wireless Provider(s):
    Sprint; previous Verizon, Cingular
    I'd try out Sprint since they have a trial period and see what you think. I'm also based in SF but travel around the US quite a bit. In my personal experience, I haven't seen much difference between the two carriers in major cities. I definitely do see more patches without service with Sprint when I leave the major cities though. I used to have Verizon but ended up switching to Sprint because I wanted more minutes without paying more. In terms of what I wanted out of my cell phone, I am very happy with my decision to switch to Sprint. Otherwise, I would have stayed with Verizon (besides minutes have no complaints about them).

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