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Uploading ringtones and media to i930

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by civic98turbo, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. civic98turbo

    civic98turbo New Member

    Jan 16, 2007
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    i was wondering how if anyone could explain?
  2. Mande0258

    Mande0258 New Member

    Apr 10, 2007
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    Loganville, Ga
    Your Phone should have came with a USB hook-up and a program called active sync...If you have that you can browse/add files to the phone from your computer. You also need an SD card to add files to the phone (Music, Large Photos..etc..) cause the "Phone Memory" Will hold very little about 7 MP3's. Ive found that The Newest version of windows media player is the best to use to get songs on the phone. When you open windows media On the compyter Click on Library. and on the right side there should be what they call a "mini-playlist" and at the top of the playlist it usually says Now playing list Click where it says Now Playling list It will bring up a drop down list and click Sync List. Then go through your library and add songs to that list by clicking and draging the song to the playlist. After you have added the amount of songs you would like Across the top of the page you should see tabs that say
    Library- Rip -Burn -Sync -Guide. Click sync. When you do this it will show you a list of the songs you chose and will tell you if some of them wont fit. Now to the right of that playlist there should be another list and it usually says
    Storage Card***
    etc.... it says a few things just make sure you click on STORAGE CARD!!
    After that click start sync and it will add the songs to the Card. and since the card will be in the phone you can go to the media player in the phone and listen to the music you added. It seems like alot but its really not its actually more complicated to explain it than it is to do. If I confused you im sorry lol.
    NOW uploading the ringtones I still havent found a website for that. Some Nextel places can tell you the website and some dont really know. But What I do is I go to Voice Notes.
    1. Go To Start
    2.Click More
    3.Click More Again
    4.Then Click "Voice Notes"
    The best thing to do is use an Ipod with the small earpiece headphones or you can use the computer or CD player but I RECOMMEND an Ipod (Why:The Music comes out alot clearer)
    1. Make sure you turn the Speaker Off On the phone
    2. Be Sure you are at the place in the song that you would like to have the ringtone start at.
    3. Play the song and then IMMEDIATLY after you hit play for the song to come on Hit the RECORD button Its on the bottom left hand side of the screen On The Phone. When you have reached the point where you would want to end the ringtone hit STOP on the bottom left hand side of the screen and then stop the song on the Ipod, cd player..etc..
    ***I Have found that if you dont do these things in the correct order the ringtone will have a delay in the begginning or a delay in the end***
    After you have recorded it highlight it and Click set as ringtone.**YOU MUST DO THIS TO BE ABLE TO SET IT TO A CERTAIN CONTACT**
    After you have done this go to your contacts click on the contact that you would like to set that ringtone for.
    Click edit then scroll down until you see Custom Ringtone
    Click on it and the ringtone that you just recorded should be in that list somewhere. When you find it, Click it.

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