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Upgrade Firmware 4.18

Discussion in 'NOKIA' started by markusck, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. markusck

    markusck New Member

    Nov 1, 2002
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    I have an unlocked Nokia 6610 and would like to upgrade the firmware (currently 3.08) can anyone confirm that the firmware for the 7210 (4.18) is identical and can be used for the 6610. Also, will anyone stateside do the upgrade, as NokiaUSA won't do it as its not a US phone (although it is a world phone and a Nokia, but they won't do it) I don't want to assume the 7210 firmware will work, take it to someone who will do it and kill my phone.

    Do I have any options? I would rather not jump on a plane to Europe or Asia to get this done!

    Thanks all,
  2. CingularTech

    CingularTech Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Jan 31, 2003
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    That would be like putting a FORD engine in a BMW chassis. Wouldn't make much sense anyway would it.
  3. markusck

    markusck New Member

    Nov 1, 2002
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    Is it possible that as they are both Nokia phones, same identical features, same previous firmware numbers, same new firmware numbers, that the firmware could be identical? I don't disagree about the ford v. BMW but these are the same manufacturer.. My two different Toshiba laptop models are different but use the same bios. No argument, but I am at a loss and want to be sure I get good information. I still can't find an email address for Nokia Europe tech support to ask the question. Any info appreciated.
  4. markusck

    markusck New Member

    Nov 1, 2002
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    Cingulartech is correct. The firmware for the 6610 is NHL-4U the firmware for the 7210 is NHL-4. Many of the corrections/additons to the phones are nearly identical. I found a site on the net that has the firmware NHL-4U ver 4.18 to download. I just need to find someone to flash the phone. If anyone is interested here are the upgrades to the firmware:

    Vp01.79 12-04-02



    Send key usage in MMS Editor changed
    Default value for allow multimedia reception has been changed to 'In home network', earlier the default value was 'Yes'
    Java & Games:
    Changes in Bounce MIDlet, the ball is now running smoothly
    Stability of ringing tone selection in Gallery improved

    V4.18 07-12-02
    Call and network management
    Automatic redials can be made, when fixed dialling numbers are activated
    New calls can be made without new limits after deactivation of Call cost limit
    Menu functions 'Activate' and 'Cancel' are available in Call waiting application when ALS is active
    Calling name presentation feature added
    Message size has been increased from 30 kB to 45 kB
    Menu item: save image added to MMS saved items folder to save images to Gallery
    Images file lists are sorted same way than in Gallery
    Received messages font size depends on the used font settings
    Font size stays same regardless of place where the message is read
    Reply option is possible only for received messages
    Image file list is displayed also after changing the language
    Name of message sender is shown also when phone memory is in use
    Received PNG files can be attached to messages
    In memory full situation SMS tone is played even when only first part of concatenated SMS is received
    Message time stamp is always updated when the other parts of concatenated message are received
    Header text is shown in the topics of info messages
    Fixed dialing number support added
    Alert tone can be selected from Gallery
    Default value of session mode has been changed to permanent
    Browsing can be continued normally without any action after receiving MMS
    Pressing end key while downloading quits the download
    Pages with 256 color images can be opened
    Pages without any titles can be book marked
    Information note is displayed, when trying to send too long bookmark as a text message
    Wap over CSD connection stays on after MMS sending
    Images and applications can be transferred between phone and PC using Data cable DKU-5
    Bounce version is now 1.8
    General improvements in level 6 (Ball handling, trampoline improvement)
    A wandering spike improvement in level 8
    Jump improvement in level 9
    Improvement of the interaction between the ball and the screen in level 10
    Wrapper class can be used in MIDlets, for example to renewal of license. Now wrapper class waits for the user response (OK or cancel) and after selecting ok, charging is done and application is executed.
    There is now 6 bookmarks for images, tones, games and applications services
    Separate bookmarks for games and applications services implemented
    Ringing tones from gallery can be set to different caller groups
    Sort order of special Chinese characters has been changed in Chinese phonebook
    SIM Application Toolkit
    Layout changes in wait bar Improvement to PLMN search time and network refresh procedure
    The menu 'Confirm SIM service actions' can be now enabled or disabled for customer variants
    Help text has been added to 'GPRS connection' menu choice item
    When running MIDlet that is interacting with the network, first press of the end key ends GPRS connection and second press of end key quits the MIDlet
    Note 'Always online not available' is displayed on the screen, when end user tries to select Always online option in NMO3+PCCCH/PBCCH cell
    Improvement to GPRS attach/detach collision handling
    Changed page mode handling in case of downlink immediate assignment where IA Rest Octects are not present
    Improvements to GPRS detach procedure. Combined detach type is now always used when needed.
    Improvement to Extended Paging handling in non-DRX mode
    Improvements to Location Services
    Improvement to handling Routing Area Update Reject cause #14
    The name of the activated WAP service setting can be displayed in the WAP service text notification, when connection is done to WAP service
    Item Home in the Service menu can be replaced with the 'name' of the active service setting
    Translation of 'Gallery' menu in Hungarian language changed to be Galéria
    Translation of 'Silence' in Hungarian language changed to be Némít
    Am/pm texts were changed to Latin in Hindi language
    Pressing '0' will give horizontal line in traditional Chinese language
    NOKIA 11x12 bitmap Chinese font has been replaced by standard 11x12 bitmap font
    Am/pm text are displayed in idle in Greek language, when 12 hour time format is in use
    Screen saver is activated normally when phone is in Full Car Kit CARK126
    White color in black and white operator logos is now transparent
    Handling of ringing tones and vibra are improved
    Operator list updated:
    New operators: "MTS BY" (257/02) "WTTCKy" (310/11) "T-Mobile" (310/31) "AT&T" (310/38) "T-Mobile" (310/58) "ARDGMC" (310/64) "USA ONELINKI" (310/460) "W V W" (310/530) "DobsonUS" 310/560) "TUNISIANA" (605/03) "AFRICELL" (607/02)
    New country/operator: "TELECOM BDA" (350/01) Bermuda "BDA" GSM1900, "MOBILITY" (350/02) Bermuda "BDA" GSM1900, "MR MATTEL" (609/01) Islamic Republic of Mauritania "MR" GSM900/1800
    Name changed: "E VODAFONE" "vodafone ES" (214/01), "GSY-TEL" "C&W" (234/55), "PRONTO GSM" "Manx Pronto" (234/58), "INA AIRTEL" "AirTel" (404/31), "AIRTEL" "AirTel" (404/45), "AIRTEL" "AirTel" (404/49), "94 SYRIA" "SYRIATEL" (417/02), "SyriaTel" "SYRIATEL" (417/93), "Egy Vodafone" "vodafone EG" (602/02), "CELTEL RC" "CELTEL CD" (629/01), "CELTEL CD" "CELTEL RC" (630/02), "UTL_TELECAL" "UTL Telecal" (641/11)
  5. butterguy

    butterguy New Member

    Jan 18, 2003
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    dude the only difference between the phones is the faceplate and keypad, the software has a different name just for distinction purposes...shouldn't be a problem...call a nokia service center.

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