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TIP: Power Saving Settings For The Palm Centro (not using Power Hero)!

Discussion in 'Other Smartphones and Mobile Operating Systems' started by chokaay, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. chokaay

    chokaay Junior Member
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    Jan 25, 2009
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    Orange County, CA
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    Palm Centro
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    (and probably similar for Treos and other Palm OS phones as well)

    For those that DON'T use Power Hero or other powersaving programs, here are some things you can do to your Centro to save battery life:

    - Go to MY CENTRO>"MENU KEY">UPDATE and disable "Auto-Update".
    - Go to BLUETOOTH and turn "Bluetooth" OFF (if you don't use it).
    - Go to EMAIL>"MENU KEY">PREFERENCES>AUTO SYNC and uncheck "Mail" (or any other boxes there). Repeat for all e-mail accounts.
    - Go to EXPRESS (if downloaded)>"MENU KEY">EXPRESS SETTINGS... and change "Auto-Updates" to NO AUTO-UPDATES.
    - Go to IM>SETTINGS and uncheck "Auto-Sign On" and click SAVE. Repeat for all IM accounts (AIM, MSN, Yahoo).
    - Go to PHONE>PHONE PREFERENCES... and change "Location ON" to "911 Only". NOTE: This will affect the accuracy of the GPS functionality of your handset (if you use an external GPS device or Sprint's Family Locator). Google Maps (without using an external GPS) will NOT be affected, as it doesn't have true GPS functionality on the Centro.
    - Go to PREFS>POWER and lower the screen brightness to as low as you feel comfortable.
    - Go to PREFS>POWER and change "Auto-Off After" time to 15 SECONDS or 30 SECONDS.
    - Go to PREFS>POWER and turn "Beam Receive" OFF.
    - Go to PREFS>POWER and change "Backlight During Calls" to OFF after 15 SECONDS or 30 SECONDS.
    - Go to PTUNES>"MENU KEY">GENERAL PREFERENCES and change "Turn Off Screen While Playing After" to 10 SECONDS or 30 SECONDS.
    - Go to PTUNES>"MENU KEY">GENERAL PREFERENCES and uncheck "Check For Updates Every 30 Days".
    - Go to SPRINT MOBILE MAIL>(YOUR E-MAIL ACCOUNT)>"MENU KEY">SETTINGS>PREFERENCES...>ALERTS and uncheck "Audible Notification", "Vibrate", "Flash LED Indicator". Repeat for all e-mail accounts. NOTE: This will affect new e-mail notification alerts for your e-mail accounts that use Sprint Mobile Mail. Do NOT disable all alerts for the e-mail accounts you wish to continue receiving new e-mail notification alerts from.
    - Go to TV GUIDE (if downloaded)>"MENU KEY">AUTO-UPDATE SETTINGS... and change "Connect And Download TV Guide Content At" to DO NOT AUTO UPDATE. NOTE: This MAY affect TV Guide's ability to update its content automatically. If you want to save the hassle of clicking the "UPDATE" button everytime you want to use the TV Guide application, then set an update time.

    Optional power-saving programs you can use to manage some of these settings, and possibly more:

    - POWER HERO = Possibly the fullest functional power-saving application for Palm OS (Treos & Centros). I don't use this, but I've heard very good things about it.
    - BUTLER = Not really a power-saving application, but there are certain settings you can control that can extend your battery life. I don't use this, but I've heard good things about it.
    - KBLIGHTSOFF = Controls when your keyboard/application key lights turn on independent of the touchscreen. I personally use this application (along with all of my tips above) and my battery is extended noticeably. Very small and very good application for what it does.
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