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Thy Beast PC Suite Hath beene Vanquish-ed!!

Discussion in 'NOKIA' started by CDubBle, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. CDubBle

    CDubBle New Member

    May 25, 2003
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    OK, so after about two total months of fighting to get PC Suite 4.4 to admit that I DO have a phone that wants to talk to it, I have won a critical, tide-turning battle. This past Saturday, I decided to try connecting through a IrDA adapter instead of the DLR-3p. As of Saturday, no luck - but getting home earlier this evening I wanted to give one last shot at it before I called Nokia tomorrow so they could tell me something useless. I unloaded PC Suite and then re-installed. I double checked the cable connection again before installing without that cable support. What I did differently THIS time was to make sure the IR dongle was seeing the phone through the Windows IR monitor, then I opened Phone Editor, then activated the IR on the phone and pointed it at the PC's IR reader. !bling! For the first time since using Duplicator I Nokia software to talk to my 6360. The mistake I was making before was trying to connect with the Connnection Manager (the little tray icon).
    The suite, however does seem to run slowly. I only have a 500mhz P3, but that's got 448mb's of memory behind it, so I'd think it should still run briskly. Phonebook is also still kind of funky. Sometimes it will read the phone sometimes it won't. The whol suite seems to want to lock up alot, perhaps something to do with the nature of the connection.
    Adding the IR dongle (also known as the infrared adapter) through an USB port also seems to have knocked out AOL 8.0....oh, well. I'll just use the old 4.0 that came with the computer - it's got much loss crap that pops up anyway.
    I haven't tried to re-estabish the connection from shutdown yet, but at least my hopes are up now. I'm going to force myself to take a breath and go to sleep before I pack these @$%@$ Nokia serial cables up and ship them the he!! back to Minnesota .

    Many of you won't be helped by this, but I hop it helps some.
    BTW I got my IR adapter from Fry's Electronics, I couldn't find any at COMPUSA or Best Buy - on sale for 24.99 + $10 rebate.

    PEace: CW[​IMG]

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