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Strange PN Offsets

Discussion in 'Cell Tower Hunting Club' started by spleck, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. spleck

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    Apr 26, 2002
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    I started looking for towers and recording PN Offsets. It appears that my area is setup as 160/4, and I was going on the assumption that offsets 4-160 faced SE, 164-320 faced W, and 324-480 faced NE.

    That appeared to be okay, except that I have not seen ANY offsets between 4-160. I thought maybe all the sectors are biased and the SE facing ones have a weak output. But then I drove under one today that really baffled me. West facing sector is 176, NE facing is 336, but the SE facing is 344!

    I'm confused. What does this mean?

    I'm 99.9% sure of this. I basically drove from south to north under the tower. I was trying to get the SE offset. My phone had 344 as the primary pilot with 55 EC/I0, and 336 secondary pilot with 210 EC/I0, then as I passed underneath, they swapped to 336 primary 55 EC/I0 and 344 secondary 210 EC/I0. Signal strength stayed about -55 dBm. The site is at a 3-way intersection, so I've verified that on the west side, I have an offset of 176. At any decent distance I don't get both the 344 and 336 offsets (at any time I have ~20 pilots, and I've recorded 17 offsets between my house and work on a 7 mile drive).

    While I'm on the subject, would a PN Offset of 496 most likely be an omni?

    I'll work on pictures this weekend.

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