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Sprint Rule Change

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by sfcbrocke7, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. sfcbrocke7

    sfcbrocke7 New Member

    Sep 17, 2010
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    Bethlehem, PA
    My Phone:
    LG Rumor
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    I’m presently experiencing an issue with SPRINT and my family plan, (5 phones). As of August 27, 2010 Sprint has decided that “discounts will no longer apply to the monthly recurring charge for add-a-phone lines beyond the first two lines on family or share plans. The primary line and the second line will continue to receive discounts. This is the new policy of Sprint.” Unfortunately, we renewed our two year agreement a few months ago and this not only applies to new customers but existing customers as well. We asked Sprint where the disclaimer was that states they can back out of an agreement they had with us; we were told over the phone that there was none. We were told we could end our family account without being charged an early cancelation fee and we were given a conformation number so we wouldn’t have issues if we decided to end our account with Sprint. They also told us they went ahead and added a $25.00 discount to this month’s bill and gave us the discounted amount we should pay.

    I’ve been given a conformation number before dealing with another carrier and learned that it was pretty useless when I presented it to resolve an issue. I decided to go online and email Sprint so I had a hard copy from them stating we would not be penalized for leaving Sprint because they backed out of their two year agreement. Lucky I did. Sprint appears to be allowing us to drop the three phones on the account that no longer receive the discounts but if we close the whole account we will be charged the early cancelation fee on the first two lines that still receive the discounts. I have asked for clarification on this just to make sure I understand Sprint correctly I also asked Sprint to once again show me the disclaimer they have that states they can break their agreement and conduct business like this. It’s been two days and I have not heard from Sprint. After the first day I sent an email to Sprint asking them to present this issue to their immediate supervisor. Sprint also pointed out that we accepted their $25.00 discount offer. In my reply I stated I hadn’t paid the bill and my payment will reflect whether I accepted their offer.

    It seems to me that Sprint knows it wouldn’t be very economical for me to cancel the three additional phones and switch them to a different wireless carrier for my family. In addition to this situation we have been experiencing other nuisance problems with Sprint. Ever since we renewed our two year agreement we have been calling Sprint more times than not to remove options that magically appear on our bill and their phone rebates were a nightmare. I'm surprised Sprint would treat a customer who has been with them for a few years and a customer who has ALWAYS paid their bill early this way.
  2. ibou111

    ibou111 New Member

    Aug 8, 2010
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    i think sprint is the worsest company in the intire united state, here my history i had account with them for 12 years, i had a unlimited plan for $99 a month four month ago i lost my job i decided to cute my expenses, decided to switch company,i called sprint i told them that im about to switch company i cannot afford paying $100 because i lost my job ...but i promessed them i will pay them the early termination $100 every month....then what they did they turned my account to a collection agengy week later. this agency started calling almost every two hours, it was a bad experience for me i will never use sprint again...at the moment i m a pre-paid com which im very happy with it. i encourage you to try the pre-paid companies, there are betty deal there for single and family....

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