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Samsung A-460 problems ... need advice and suggestions...

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG' started by Jason110, May 27, 2006.

  1. Jason110

    Jason110 New Member

    May 27, 2006
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    I'm a newbie, so pardon me if I accidentally make a wirelessadvisor.com faux pas, but I need some advice. I'm really not sure what to do:

    I have had a Samsung A-460 for about 4 years now. The one I'm presently using is a refurbished model, but my previos A-460's LCD screen did not work. The Sprint guys stated this was an inherent problem with the phone and got me a replacement free of charge... This replacement happened back in November.

    Now my phone does not work after I have received or made a call. For example, if someone calls and I hang up, I am unable to make an outgoing call or receive an incoming call afterwards. The phone does dial out, but the "connecting" screen with the flashing phone pops up. After a minute or so, it times out and says "sprint pcs service is unavailable." This makes no sense, considering that there are four bars at my house. If someone tries to make an incoming call, their call goes directly to voicemail. This happens if whether or not hang up by flipping the phone closed or using the "end" button to terminate the call. I even turn off and turn on the phone (even with a minute or two delay) and it still does not resolve the issue.

    It takes about 10-15 minutes before I am able use the phone again. This has been happening for about 5 weeks now, in all locations (including other metropolitan areas).

    My situation is as follows: The person at the Sprint store offered me two options, neither of which is appealing: Get a new replacement phone for $55 (same model as this one), or get an upgrade to a new phone for $35 with a two-year advantage agreement. $55 is awfully lot for this phone, and I prefer not signing another agreement (I'm about halfway through mine).

    My question is this: Can I purchase another Sprint phone (from online or elsewhere), and use it with my account? Will I have to spend money for an activation fee? Also, I have a really really old Sprint phone, a Samsung N-200. The N-200 phone used to have the same number as the current A-460, so if I use the phone for the time being, will I have to pay an activation fee for it?
    Ideally, I would like to buy a new phone for this account without signing up for an advantage agreement or paying an activation fee. Is that possible?

    Thanks. Sorry to bore you with my dilemma.


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