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REQ: Motorola 120e Technical Info

Discussion in 'MOTOROLA' started by thzinc, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. thzinc

    thzinc New Member

    Feb 3, 2003
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    I'm looking for just about anything related to my Motorola 120e. I'll take anything from "secret codes" to technical/service manuals. (Not user manuals, I've already got mine :) ) If anyone knows anything, please post!

    I have/know about the following codes:

    Enter/Exit test mode:
    1. MENU + MENU + 00**83786633*
    2. ##33284

    Test mode programing menu:
    1. MENU + 073887*

    And the NAM programing (described in the manual):
    1. 74663# + MENU + MENU

    Thanks again!

  2. Empty86

    Empty86 Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Jan 3, 2003
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    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
    My Phone:
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    What do these codes do?
  3. thzinc

    thzinc New Member

    Feb 3, 2003
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    Ok, I 'll explain in the most detail that I can. (Based on what I've learned in 3 days online while reading literally thousands of newsgroup forum posts, websites, google cached pages, etc...)

    All of the following pertains to the Motorola 120e

    • Test Mode:
      • Code:
        MENU + MENU + 00**83786633*
      • Description:
        Well, as far as I can tell, based on what I've read and what I've seen, this is used to obtain certain information like signal strength, programming options, and the like. When this option is activated, the screen clears and then displays the letters, "FTS" in the top row, center screen. If you press either soft key, the screen changes "pages." I'll try to explain what I know or can surmise about each page's information.
        • Note: I'll be paging through the screens using the right soft key. (Essentially, it becomes a "page right" key.) AND, my screen examples will look right if a fixed-width font is used. (Courier, Lucida Console, etc...)
        • Now, starting from the page that says only "FTS", press the right soft key. (I'll further refer to the right and left soft keys as "right" and "left," respectively.)
        • You should be on a screen that says something like:

          "PANIC BLK EMPTY "
          " Normal PD "
          "02/04 18:15:38 "
          "C:0008 R:0004 "

          Now, all I know for sure is that line 3 contains the Month and Day in a MM/DD format and the time that the page was refreshed, or paged to, in an HH:MM:SS format. I think that the "C:0008" may be some type of carrier ID field, but I'm not sure.
        • Page right again and you'll get a little menu of options. It looks like:

          " ServOpt: NoChg"
          " AudioOpt: Auto"
          " Clear PDCs:keep"
          " GPS Sess: New"
          " Perf Lvl: 6"

          And if you press the down arrow 6 times, you'll also see the option:

          " Loc Priv: ALL"

          Each of the options are detailed below:

          ServOpt (Service Options?):
          • NoChg, Default
            Setting this option makes no changes to the service options
          • M8
            I'm not sure what this does, however, the numbers used here and in the following options make me think that it may be a vocoder-related issue.
          • M13
            Same as above
          • L8
            Same as above
          • L13
            Same as above

          AudioOpt (Audio Options?):
          • Auto, Default. Note that once this option is changed, Auto is no longer available. If no change is desired after browsing options, set to Hand.
          • Ext
            I'm guessing that using this option forces the audio to default to an external speaker.
          • TOLR
            No idea what this is...
          • ROLR
            Or this...
          • Head
            This probably forces the audio to default to the headphone jack.
          • Hand, Alternate default
            This probably defaults the audio to the built-in handset.

          Clear PDCs (Clear something?):
          • keep, Default.
          • clr?
            This is a prompt of sorts that, once pressed on a second time, will actually make the phone clear out it's PDCs, whatever they are.
          • clrd
            This appears on the values side of the menu after the PDCs have been cleared

          GPS Sess (GPS Session?):
          • New, Default
            Leaving this option alone forces the phone to establish a new GPS session on the next page.
          • Latest
            I assume this option tries to update old sessions
          • Cont
            This probably continues old GPS sessions

          Perf Lvl (Performance Level?):
          • 1 - 6, Default is 6
            This is a number between 1 and 6. I have no idea what it does.

          Loc Priv (Location Privacy?):
          • ALL, Default
            Do not allow any GPS info to be released, unless 911 is dialed
          • None
            Allow all GPS info to be broadcast
          • MO
            No idea...
          • MT
            No idea...

          That's that menu. To exit the menu, press left.
        • Another page right and you'll get the GPS session screen. (The page that I'm most interested in, personally...) the page looks like this:

          With the "Location > 911 Only" option activated or the Loc Priv set to "ALL" or "MO":

          "LOCATION PRIV ON" -- This line changes to "NO CONN. w/ PDE" when Loc Priv is set to "None" or "MT".
          "Time: 23:31:57" -- The time
          "Date: 02/04/2003" -- The date
          "Lat: 0.00000d" -- Latitude
          "Lon: 0.00000d" -- Longitude

          Paging down, we see the following other values:

          "Alt: 0m" -- Altitude
          "Unc V: NC" -- ?
          "HVel: 0.00m/s" -- Horizontal Velocity?
          "VVel: 0.00m/s" -- Vertical Velocity?
          "Dir: 0.00000d" -- Direction?
          "Unc Ang: 0.000d" -- ?
          "Unc A NC" -- ?
          "Unc P NC" -- ?
          "Fix Type: 2D" -- ?

          I don't have any other useful info on this page...
        • Page right and you'll get a SATELLITE page.
          The basic layout of this info screen is as follows:

          "SATELLITE 0/000"
          "PRN: 000"
          "Code Ph:00000.00"
          "C/No: 00dB-Hz"

          The zeros may or may not be actual numbers.
        • Page right and you'll get the PILOT page.
          The page format is as follows:

          "PILOT 2/184 "
          "PN Off: 0"
          "PPM: 0.000"
          "Ec/Io: 0.0dB"

          Again, zeros may or may not be actual numbers.
        • Page right and you'll get a nice page full of percentages. It'll look like:

          "01 45% 02 33%"
          "03 39% 04 39%"
          "05 21% 06 21%"
          "07 33% 08 21%"
          "09 30% 10 69%"

          I have no idea what these values mean, but my best guess would be that they are cell site signal strengths.
        • Page right and you get a strange page of stuff:

          "1 00:00:00 01-01"
          "TrISR b4 Mask 0"
          "TrISR aft Mask 0"
          "RTM KEY ISR 0"
          "RTM POLL KEY 0"

          Any info on this page has seemed to escape me.
        • Page right again...
          This page seems to be a menu for the current test mode session. The subsequent pages look like system performance counters of some kind. I won't detail the sub-pages because they're only one level deep and do not contain pertinent information.

          " Os Pool Use "
          " Task Use Bytes "
          " Task Os Mem % "
          " Totals List "
          " Mon Enable: Yes"

          Note that in order to view the phone stats, the "Mon Enable" value must be set to Yes.
        • Next page is a fun one.
          This appears to be a form of the general info screen on the Motorola v60 series test mode. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to dig up enough into to decrypt this page. I'm not even going to lay it out because I'm not sure if some of my phone's (and my own) personal info is actually in there... Sorry.
        • Another page right and you're back to the "PANIC BLK EMPTY" page.

    Ugh, I'm tired, I'll write about the other codes later.

  4. thzinc

    thzinc New Member

    Feb 3, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Sorry, just noticed that the forum trims all extra spaces, so my "screen shots" won't work with a fixed-length font like they should...


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