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Question for current/past Startac owners...

Discussion in 'MOTOROLA' started by pfp, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. pfp

    pfp Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Sep 25, 2002
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    Rochester, NY
    What's up with these phones??? Can someone tell me why:

    I see at least 2 people a week who want a new battery and WILL NOT consider a new phone because they absolutely adore their startac and you couldn't rip it out of their cold dead hands.

    And I see at least 1-2 people a week who are trying to get an early upgrade because they got the phone on it's way out and they're not yet eligible but they can't bear the thing.

    Someone just came in looking for a battery, I told him his best bet was to upgrade or look online, because the phones been phased out. He turned around, said "no it's not" and walked straight out of my store.

    If these things are still in circulation somewhere, it's news to me.

    If anyone notices I'm feeling particularly ranty right now...I am...

  2. WannabeMOTO

    WannabeMOTO Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Oct 14, 2002
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    Startacs were and are one of the most popular and lovable phones outthere. They reached across almost all service providers and people MOSTLY love them. 3 weeks ago, I retired my Startac (VZW) or the V60i for no better reason than I roll with fads and have MOTOLOVE.

    The biggest complaint with the phone is the antenna breaking, but that's easily enough to fix (some people live without it). The phone is extremely comfortable on your face (cuz the battery weight on the front flap).

    People probably don't believe the Startac is discontinued, cuz there are so many still out in public. Everywhere you turn someone is talking on them. Even on TV, Tony Soprano still uses his... but Samantha (Sex in the City) upgraded to the V60. Plus, there are more accessories for it than any other phone (my opinion) in every store from the MARTS (WAL and K) to any truckstop you see.

    Even when MOTO stopped making the StarTac, the phone's legacy lives on forever!

    P.S. My Startac isn't really retired just resting, until it's needed again... maybe until MY KIDS are of age!
  3. liamfm

    liamfm Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Oct 28, 2002
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    I had a STac for a company I worked for. I loved it. This was a couple years ago, and VZN would drop calls while driving, but then we got the handsfree kits in and that sloved the problem. The best thing was that you couldn't break it! One guy actually dropped his out of a suburban at 40mph (drunk) and it worked fine once he found it! That and it felt good, the buttons were great, etc.... I bought my v60i hoping that it would live up to the repuation of the startac. HOpefully it will!
  4. LilRed

    LilRed New Member

    Oct 16, 2002
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    I'm on my second Startac and so far none of the new phones compare to be perfectly honest. To replace my Startac, I need a phone with comparable sound quality and ease of use. It may be discontinued but Verizon is still doing updates to the firmware. The last update I got enabled SMS on my Startac.

    My friend has my first Startac and dropped it in water. He dried it with canned air and it worked fine. How many of the new phones can stand being submerged?

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