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Proposed New Forum Layout For PDA's/Smartphones

Discussion in 'Other Smartphones and Mobile Operating Systems' started by nKrypteD1, May 26, 2007.

  1. nKrypteD1

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    Jun 21, 2006
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    JFB, you and I had discussed last year about changing the forum structure for the current Smart Devices Layout, and I'd still like to see that happen as currently the adoption of Smart Devices is only increasing.

    So here goes my attempt at showing a degree of restructuring, I'm very open to input from any source as well as criticism (I'm a big boy I can handle it.) The forum I suggest could be placed between the Current Wireless Phones Forums and Wireless Content and Destination Forums. I will denote child forums with - and -- and so forth.

    Smart Device Forums
    *-Operating Systems (or Software Support, etc)
    *--WM2006 (Very soon upcoming for the masses)
    ---Apache (also known as the Audivox/UTStarcom 6700)
    ---Wizard (Cingular 8125/T-mobile MDA)
    ---TyTN (Cingular 8525)
    --Palm (may integrate with HTC as HTC is making some of the Palm Phones now)
    --Sony Ericcson
    *-General PDA Tips & Tricks
    --Hardware Tips and Tricks (may can make this more of a wiki style forum, ie only moderators or "designees" should post here with Guides and so forth, the idea would be to post hardware mods such as the popular 8125 Antenna modification, Screen Protector Selection and Suggestions etc.
    --Software Suggestions (put a Rule Sticky to start threads with Windows Mobile Suggestion, Palm Suggestion, etc for users to post software they can recommend to others)

    That's it for now, basically what I'd like to see is that Smart Devices get their own little niche, I know that posting for Smart devices has been rather slow and will probably continue to be slow for a while, but I also believe that part of it is because the devices are still basically in their "toddler" stage (I hesitate to say infancy) I also feel that a better information schema will help attract users to talk about these devices here rather than going to howardforums or pdaphonehome.

    Thanks for your time whoever actually spent the time reading my ranting.

    ps, I'm adding a * to fields that may should just be categories not traditional Forum's in the sense.
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