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PRL 10033 now available

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by larry, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. gatolsf

    gatolsf New Member

    Oct 3, 2006
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    San Francisco
    That's right Larry.
  2. Jim Pivonka

    Jim Pivonka New Member

    Sep 21, 2006
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    La Crosse, KS
    PRL 10037 is available

    Currently the PRL version is reported to be 10037. I just downloaded an update, but my TP2100 apparently does not report PRL version - this is what I was told was the current version.

    After some confusion about PRL updates, I verified, again, that they can be accomplished without visiting a Sprint store.

    Some other things came up in trying to get the latest update:

    Despite what (some or all) Sprint Customer Service representatives think, PRL updates needed by customers are, in some cases, not automatically identified by Sprint and "pushed" out to customers.

    As noted earlier in the thread, PRL updates do NOT only affect so called "roaming" lists or access - they also determine what Sprint services are recognized by Sprint cell phones and how Sprint facilities are accessed. For instance if a new new alliance with non Sprint communications providers significantly expands Sprint services in an area, those newly available services will not be available to Sprint customers until the PRL's on customer phones are updated. Example: The update from 10029 to 10033 was very important in this respect.

    I found that Sprint Customer Service representatives are not used to receiving calls from customers requesting update of PRL's, because their experience is that these updates are pushed out to customers. Consequently they may not interpret requests for an update correctly because they think the call is about the failure of a "flagged" PRL update, and do not understand that the call is to request that the account be flagged so that it can receive an update.

    The procedure that Sprint regards as standard is that when service (in an area?) is modified, customers' accounts (in that area?) are "flagged" for a PRL update and the next time a customer dials *2 to call Customer Care the updated PRL is automatically downloaded to the phone.

    I am not clear whether or not these updates are tied to service areas. That seems not to make sense - but a CS representative I spoke with was pretty specific in saying no updates were needed "in your area". It was not until I mentioned my use of the service in multiple states that the CS rep. flagged the account for update. ???

    In fact, I don't recall ever having had such an "automatic" flagging for a PRL update. It may be that my ole TP2100 does not support automatic flagging. As far as I know the update has occurred only after I specifically identified the need for it, and called Sprint Customer Care (*2) to request it. I had to make repeated calls in each case, because the CS rep's did not understand that I was requesting that my account be flagged for an update, as noted above.

    Once the account is flagged for an update, then dialing *2 results in a message to the effect that Sprint has identified a need to update the phone, and requesting that the customer stay on the line until the update is complete. When complete, the customer is advised that they may continue to use the phone. ​

    That's easy enough. It is only the process of getting the attention of a CS representative so that they can flag the account to be updated that is difficult.
  3. larry

    larry Sprint loyalist and former mod
    Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2001
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    Orange County, CA
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    Galaxy S22+
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    Re: PRL 10037 is available

    10037 is the latest version right now. This thread is 9 months old.

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