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Possible to extend contract to buy new phone.

Discussion in 'Western US Wireless Forum' started by Guest, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was wondering if I can extend my Verizon contract again to get a deal on a Verizon phone. I know AT&T would allow you to extend your contract to get a phone. But Verizon wants to charge me $449 for a Motorola V60c because I set up my account semi-recently and it's been over 15 days, but under a year. Is there anything to do?

  2. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Member
    Senior Member

    Nov 21, 2001
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    The V60c is an expensive phone regardless of when you signed up for service so if your hopes were to get that phone for free it won't happen. Usually the carriers will want you to be on service for some period of time before they extend your contract and subsequently give you a break on a new phone.

  3. Jackstar

    Jackstar Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Jan 15, 2002
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    probably can't get promo price until after you have had service for 11 months. may not be able to find that phone for less than 399.99 anyway. if you bought the phone at a retail location, see if they may be able to give you a deal. the verizon store in denver gave me a 50.00 credit for an old phone from a different carrier. i don't know if this is possible with verizon, but some carriers in the past allowed you to buy a phone at a best buy or circuity city, then call customer service to activate. if you tell best buy or circuity city that you are starting new service, they may sell the phone at the discounted rate. instead of calling the number they provide to activate, just call the regular customer service number (this may or may not work and those stores usually have less of a selection of phones). after two years, verizon should give you a 100.00 credit towards price of new handset (or free handset if less than 100.00)

    It seems like the LG phones are good and much less expensive on Verizon- Jackstar
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    I talk to Verizon customer service you have to be with in two month of contract to get special pricing.

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