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Personal Radio Association (PRA) Membership drive.

Discussion in 'Other Smartphones and Mobile Operating Systems' started by jwilkers, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. jwilkers

    jwilkers New Member

    Jul 26, 2005
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    Columbus ohio
    The Personal Radio Association is now accepting applications for
    membership. Membership is currently free, with no dues collection,
    until such time the group is incorporated and a dues schedule is

    The PRA will become the primary voice of the GMRS community. Already,
    PRA members have reported many FCC violations to the FCC, who is
    initiating enforcement action.

    GMRS users, and users of any of the services the PRA supports
    (FRS/MURS) are urged to check it out.


    The PRA Mission Statement

    The Personal Radio Services are limited radio spectrum resources set
    aside by the United States government for use by the general public as
    licensed and unlicensed radio services. The PRA is a mutual-interest
    organization of Federal Communications Commission licensees of the
    licensed General Mobile Radio Service and interested persons using the
    radio services delicensed by rule, the Multi-Use Radio Service, and
    the Citizens Radio Service. The PRA's mission is to fairly and
    accurately represent its member's interests in these radio services
    before government agencies, the various representatives of the radio
    industry, private or public organizations, and the public-at-large in
    order to protect and preserve the growth, regulation, and continued
    usability and effectiveness of each radio service.

    The PRA Ethics Statement

    The PRA supports the lawful use of the Personal Radio services as
    defined in the the Federal Communications Commission's Rules and
    Regulations and the various Communications Acts as amended.

    The PRA supports the Basis and Purpose, as well as the Definition of
    each radio service as written in the Federal Communications Commission
    Rules and Regulations and remains loyal in this regard during any
    deliberations before federal or private organizations.

    The Personal Radio Association proactively supports and openly defends
    the core interests of personal radio users before government and
    private decision makers.

    PRA and its members subscribe to an Operating Code of Ethics that is
    consistent with the FCC’s Basis and Purpose for each radio service,
    all applicable FCC Rules and Regulations, and with an emphasis toward
    expected growth, continued usability and the cooperative use of each
    radio service.

    PRA promotes cooperation among members and non-members sharing the
    same radio spectrum in the same geographical areas.

    The PRA promotes a Radio Industry Code of Ethics that encourages
    industry to act responsibly toward the Personal Radio Services.


    PRA Focus in Brief

    FCC rule making and enforcement issues with an impact on the radio

    Commercial actions toward the radio services that effect members
    continued enjoyment of their investment in a negative or a positive

    PRA Initiatives

    Reporting retailers using false, misleading, or deceptive advertising
    to market two-way radio, or that advertise illegal radio hardware to
    the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission

    Public education regarding use of the Personal Radio Services.

    GMRS Intruder reporting via PRA form through the PRA Intruder
    and FCC Enforcement Committees.

    Encouraging FCC enforcement of GMRS FCC Rules in problem areas of the
    United States.

    PRA's Reliable Retailer Program. We focus attention on retailers doing
    the right thing applying the Radio Industry Code as a standard.

    Keydown Focus Group. This group gathers information on illegal CB
    radio keydown events and reports findings to the FCC.

    The PRA is headquartered at Huntingtown, MD.


    Link to PRA Website:

    Membership Form Link:
  2. kurtsdca

    kurtsdca New Member

    May 18, 2006
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    San Diego, CA
    Re: Personal Radio Association (PRA)


    Please read this link and then tell me what YOU think of PRA -->> www.prweb.com/releases/2006/5/prweb382228.htm

    You can email me privately at LakeHodgesRadio@Cox.net if you prefer not to air dirty laundry in public.

    I was seriously considering joining PRA before I read this message. I think this press release is very unprofessional (and VERY tacky) and would encourage anyone considering joining this group to re-consider.

    In 27 years in the PR profession, and nine years as a working journalist before that, this is one of the sleaziest press releases I have ever read, timed deliberately to follow the recent press campaign by NationalSOS by only a day or so.

    The radio communications community is a very small community, in the grand scheme of things. We don't need any low blows, back-stabbing or public bickering.

    NationalSOS has spent hundreds of hours (and recently thousands of dollars) to promote the orderly use of two-way radios for emergency use. The people involved with NationalSOS are upstanding professionals who deserve a lot of praise for what they are trying to accomplish. They seem to be VERY willing to listen to constructive suggestions on how they can serve the public interest.

    NationalSOS is attempting to mobilize trained teams of hams and GMRS licensees and is working towards a unified, professional effort to save lives and property.

    If PRA has objections to this, it seems like they should have contacted the NationalSOS leadership privately and quietly discussed their concerns, then formed some kind of alliance to work together harmoniously to further the "public interest, need and necessity," as it is often called.

    From what I can tell, PRA has only a handful of members after a "membership drive" that began sometime around April, 2004. I invite any of those PRA members to email me privately and tell me of their experiences with this group. Have they done other, similarly tacky things? Are you glad you joined? Do you plan to renew your membership?

    Thanks for reading this.

    Regards and good luck!

    -- Kurt, California

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