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Nokia helping to prevent battery problems

Discussion in 'NOKIA' started by Fire14, Dec 16, 2004.

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    NOKIA PRESS RELEASE December 15, 2004

    Nokia unveils program to help consumers identify original Nokia batteries

    Original Nokia Battery labeling program latest step in fight against unsafe, counterfeit batteries

    Espoo, Finland - Nokia today unveiled its latest initiative in the battle against unsafe, low-quality counterfeit batteries. In order for customers to be able to more easily identify original Nokia batteries from non-original batteries, Nokia introduces an authentication system by implementing hologram labels to all of its new batteries. The hologram label is an advanced step in helping consumers ensure that they are using safe and high-quality original Nokia batteries.

    "Consumer safety is our most important concern and we are taking even more aggressive measures to raise consumer awareness about the dangers of counterfeit batteries and poor quality third-party batteries," said Razvan Olosu, Vice President of Mobile Enhancements, Multimedia, Nokia. "With this new Nokia authentication program, we are directly attacking the counterfeiters who manufacture potentially unsafe batteries. The hologram label enables consumers to identify that the battery they are using is indeed an original Nokia Battery."

    The hologram label on Nokia batteries consists of a holographic image as well as an authentication code hidden under a scratch-off area on the label. Consumers can visually inspect the holographic image and identify detailed information on it to check whether their battery is an original Nokia Battery. The visual elements include the Nokia Connecting Hands symbol, Nokia Original Enhancements logo, and a series of dots around the Nokia Original Enhancements logo. Each element is visible depending on the viewing angle. In addition, users can verify, either online or via an SMS, the 20-digit authentication code hidden under the scratch-off area.

    The implementation of the Nokia labeling program affects all new batteries in Nokia phone sales packages, Nokia battery sales packages, and packages of Nokia mobile enhancements. Sales of Nokia batteries bearing the hologram label have already begun, and they will enter markets gradually. Original Nokia batteries without hologram labels will remain on the market for some time. However, their performance does not differ from those sold with hologram labels.

    In addition to the labeling program, Nokia will continue to work with law enforcement authorities to take strong legal measures, including criminal prosecutions, against companies or individuals that sell and distribute counterfeit Nokia products. Such products do not adhere to the stringent safety and quality standards of genuine Nokia products.

    In the past, cases have emerged where non-original mobile phone batteries, including counterfeit Nokia batteries, have overheated, causing damage to both batteries and phones. In each and every reported case, the battery in question has been either a counterfeit or a poorly manufactured non-original battery. With the help of the hologram label, users are now able to more easily identify and authenticate their original Nokia batteries - which adhere to strict safety and quality measures - thus minimizing the risk to their phones.

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