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Nokia 1100 One Touch Dialing

Discussion in 'NOKIA' started by Regalhank, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Regalhank

    Regalhank New Member

    Mar 8, 2006
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    Buffalo, NY
    Hi, I'm brand new here but I have a troublesome problem with TracFone. Bought a Nokia 1100 and tried assigning keys for one-touch dialing and it kept telling me "Selected Memory Empty" even though I do have a contacts list. Would not, no matter what I did, assign keys. Called Nokia and we went through all the steps and the lady and I finally determined the phone was faulty. She hooked me up with TracFone who said, after a very confusing conversation, (all conversations with TracFone are confusing) that they would send me a new phone and would transfer my remaining minutes to the new phone. Well, they sent me a refurbished phone, which does not make me happy, and lo and behold, I have the exact same problem. Called Nokia back and after many attempts with an actual knowledgable technician, it seems that the odds are against me--two phones with the exact same problem. He told me to just forget it and when my minutes are done to just scrap TracFone service all together cause they're going to be no help. Now, however, I would like to have them switch everything back to my original phone since that it is the new one. Has anyone had this one-touch dialing problem with TracFone. Nokia thinks it's not their phone but the software that TracFone places over it. Can anyone help before I call TracFone back and get more runaround?

  2. Cell Phony

    Cell Phony New Member

    Jan 9, 2008
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    Nokia 1100
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    This problem was going to be my first post, but since you beat me to it I may be able to help. I hope more Tracfone/Nokia1100 users will add their experience to solve this as I came here in hopes at finding more people with the same problem.

    I just purchased my first first cell phone so that my wife can have an emergency contact method. I hope I will not get to the point of so many other users who have the phone glued to their ears.

    I have the same speed dial problem with my Nokia1100/Tracfone. I did a lot of investigation and you will find Nokia useless. Tracfone has not responded yet as of two days ago. Here is what I found on my own.

    There are two memories in the 1100, Phone Memory and SIM Memory. The instruction book (and Nokia) say that contacts entered in the Phone Memory are the ones assigned to your speed dial list - WRONG! I found the Phone Memory absolutely useless and it will not enter anything into the speed dial. You need to make sure the phone is set to SIM Memory (contacts - settings) when you enter your contact list. Do Not enter anything into Phone Memory otherwise you will get double entrys appearing when you scroll through your contact list. The Nokia1100/Tracfone has Speed Dial #1 set to Voice Mail so you only get Speed Dial Entries from #'s 2 - 9. This is important to remember when organizing your contact list. The first entry into your contact list will not go into your Speed Dial list, only entries 2 through 9 will also be your speed dial enteries. So when you set up your contact list use the first entry as a none speed dial contact. Your second entry will be assigned to speed dial #2 and so on until you have entered at least 9 contacts to fill up the speed dial list. I would recommend you write down your contacts and the desired speed dial number for each contact so that you can enter them in the order that the Nokia 1100 will assign them speed dial #s. As yet I have not tried any method to re-organize my speed dial list other than deleting all the contact list entries from #2 to #9 then re-entering a new list. If anyone has found an easier method let us know.

    Hope this helps

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