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Multiple issues on BLU Studio 5.0C HD

Discussion in 'ANDROID Phones, Tablets and Devices' started by TheRixter, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. TheRixter

    TheRixter New Member

    Jun 27, 2015
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    Central Ohio
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    This phone is giving me fits. #1. I believe the O.S. on the phone is corrupted and, therefore, I need to upgrade. BLU has an upgrade to Mm, but O.T.A. fails. #2. The WiFi on the phone always says it's connected, but rarely will it open a web page/browser. When it does, it only "connects" for 30 secs. to less than a min. Thus, I'm sure, the reason the O.T.A. update fails. #3. If I shut the phone off, remove battery, or update fails, the phone reverts to "startup" and goes into a boot loop from which it takes around 2 hrs. or more to finally "boot"...and only if plugged into a comp. #4. It constantly delivers pop-ups about a myriad of issues; browser has stopped, a certain app has stopped, the "Aw, Snap" dialog, "Unfortunately-this or that app has stopped"...etc. What have I done...too numerous hard resets, too numerous soft resets, apps that are supposed to repair the file system, apps that are supposed to repair the WiFi, apps that are supposed to repair...whatever...and still have the problems I stated originally. Seriously, I believe the O.S. has been corrupted and it needs an upgrade, but I need to get, at least, the WiFi fixed before I can accomplish and upgrade. Hoping there's someone here who has knowledge of this phone/situation and can give me a hand. It'd be appreciated!!! [BLU Studio 5.0C HD~Kk 4.4.2/BLU_D535U_VO3_GENERIC]


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