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motorola v300 and t-mobile (camera problems, service problems)

Discussion in 'T-Mobile Forum' started by gyrlonfilm, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. gyrlonfilm

    gyrlonfilm New Member

    Dec 6, 2005
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    Glendale, Arizona
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    Motorola Cliq
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    hi all. new person here. just a few gripes to post and then i'll go back to lurking *wink*.

    i have a motorola v300 phone which i have had for almost a year. i have had trouble with the phone- lots of static during calls, increased dropped calls, battery power decreases each time i charge (i run the battery out till its on its last legs and then charge it), camera stopped working (first the screen came up black when i pressed the camera button, then the display would freeze and i would have to turn the phone off, now when i try to go to the camera the screen says "Busy. Try Again" , phone display goes in and out (goes dark or phone shuts off by itself.)

    so i called t-mobile and since it was still within the year warranty they are sending me a refurbished phone. i am going to use it till i decide what i want to do when my contract is up in january 06.

    t-mobile has great customer service, but the actual phone service itself is lacking. (my calls always drop, and i am in the cleveland area which looks to have great reception on the map t-mobile has on their website) the plans are great and in my price range.

    i was thinking of going back to cingular (not my ideal situation, plus they seem expensive and i don't want to get roped into a 2-year plan).

    anyone have any phone suggestions that may work best with t-mobile service if i choose to re-new my contract? the v300 is my first motorola phone, after my experience, i may go back to a Nokia phone.

    any camera phone suggestions would be great! if you know of any up-coming phones you can recommend, even if it is motorola or something let me know.

    i will let you know how things work with my refurbished V300. Thank you!:)
  2. Matt

    Matt Twin girls!
    Senior Member

    Oct 8, 2001
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    Lititz, Pa.
    My Phone:
    MyTouch 4G
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    The v300 isn't the best of the TM lineup. My sister has the new nokia flip - 6101 I think, and she hasn't complained about it - she was coming from a Sansung flip where the screen died. I've liked all the Nokias I've had in the past, but I do not like Motos.
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