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Moto Phones

Discussion in 'MOTOROLA' started by kranium007, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. kranium007

    kranium007 Bronze Senior Member
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    Aug 25, 2002
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    Based upon my own experiences with Motorola products, the outcome is always the same- the customer purchases their phone, and within a month they are back in the store with battery or charging problems.

    Why is it that LG and Samsung can put a 800-950mAh battery in virtually any one of their phone models and customers never come back in complaining that their phone only holds a charge for half a day, but when Motorola uses the same rated battery, the charge only lasts half a day to a full day on any model phone, no matter how its charged or how little use it gets?

    I thought at first it was just me coincidentally getting all the customers with these issues, but I've talked to our local TMobile store, AT&T and other Verizon Retailers and the outcome is always the same- customers are only complaining about the Motorola phones.

    I literally replace 40 Motorola phones and/or batteries each month just for this specific issue, and not counting all the software issues I have with them. In contrast, I replace approximately 5 LG and Samsung phones COMBINED each month.

    Are they using some sort of black market junk parts or something?

    Anyone else have some input on this?
  2. MOTOhooligan

    MOTOhooligan Former Mobile Data Addict
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    Oct 2, 2003
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    A Dead Zone
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    Honestly, the only device I have noticed this with is the Q. With that smartphone an extended life battery was mandatory unless you could charge throughout the day or had a spare battery.

    Other than that, all the Motorola handsets I've owned (and it's a lot, obviously) have been great with 1 or more days of life on the battery.
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