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LX5350 + Japanese

Discussion in 'LG Electronics' started by zmcnulty, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. zmcnulty

    zmcnulty New Member

    Oct 27, 2002
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    I'm new here, and new to the American cell phone market. I lived in Japan for a year, and I had one of those nifty J-Phones with the camera and all. But that's another story.

    The Sprint PCS Vision network seems to be the closest available option for me. And since Sprint just announced the unlimited usage plan for $10/month, it's even more attractive.

    Of the PCS Vision phones, I thought the 5350 looked pretty cool. The problem is, basically all of the SMS/emails I would send would need to be Japanese. 99% of the email I send is in Japanese. It would be useless for me to have a phone and pay $40/month, and NOT be able to send mail in Japanese.

    Which brought me to looking into other options. Sprint also has two other Vision-enabled phones...the Treo something and then there's one more with a PocketPC OS on it. I'm sure that if I were to get either one of those, then I would be able to get an OS patch of some sort, which would allow me to use Japanese. The problem is, those are like $500 and $800, respectively. Too much money, just because I need to be able to write Japanese.

    And so I'm back at the -affordable- LX5350. The product page for it, this one, says that the phone has T9 text input. Running a quick google for T9 (since I uh...didn't know what it was) led me to the official T9 page, which quite clearly states that T9 text input is offered in Japanese.

    There is hope. I imagine, however, that LG does not offer the Japanese LX5350 stateside. I have emailed LG about it, but I'll probably get some email like "Unfortunately at this time we are not able to sell the Japanese versions of our phones in America, due to FCC restrictions. Thank you for your interest." I haven't received one back yet, but it IS sunday.

    In short, I was wondering if anyone here knows what options I have, if any. Any experience with 5350 firmware, or T9 firmware? Japanese-input based WAP sites?

  2. NguyenTT82

    NguyenTT82 New Member

    Sep 28, 2002
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    For the new vision phones, there isn't an option available to you right now for different language input (aside from spanish). There are however, options for doing so on the pda/style handhelds, but as you said, you aren't willing to fork over the hundreds of dollars for one of those, and neither would I. I think your best bet would be to find an actual japanese phone that run's on sprints networks, I'm not 100% sure if that's possible, but I'd heard of it being done.

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