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Lost Payment Dispute! Please Help!

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by snthorne, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. snthorne

    snthorne New Member

    Sep 29, 2008
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    Lynchburg, VA
    So here's the back story: I made a $300 payment on my debit card way back on May 24, 2008. The problem is, the payment came out of my bank account and never posted to my Sprint account. I had copies of my reciept and bank statement. I've been trying to get this fixed since May and it hasn't been. I've been making my own notes on what's been going on since August to try and keep track myself. Obviously, I'm not paying the $300 again and the "past due balance" is causing late fees (which I'm also not paying). My phone is ONCE AGAIN cut off and I'm really tired of it! Can anyone read my "notes" and offer me any suggestions on how to deal with the Finance/Lost Payment/Escalation Dept?

    Given fax number: 1-800-877-9000

    Thurs. Aug 21st 12:00 PM
    Recieved call from 913-201-5001
    Tracey called; asked to fax reciept one more time
    Mon. Aug. 25th
    I sent fax of original receipt to 1-800-877-9000
    Wed. Aug. 27th 5:22 PM
    Recieved call from 254-298-7400
    Erica called; recieved backup documentation; dispute re-opened for $300; would be 3-5 days
    and issue would be resolved
    Thurs Aug. 28th 5:24 PM
    Recieved call from 913-201-5001
    Virginia from Sprint Payment Operations; couldn't locate using credit card on file; call back
    number 913-762-4953
    ****I had already recieved a call saying the dispute would be resolved! My fax had been
    Fri. Aug. 29th 10:31 AM
    Recieved call from 913-201-5001
    Virginia re-called
    Fri. Aug. 29th 12:23 PM
    I followed up on Virginia's call, but my phone was cut off again that evening
    Fri. Aug. 29th 6:30ish
    I called Sprint again and my phone was manually restored due to my doing as was asked of
    me by a lead rep in the escalation dept. and told me to follow up again on Tues. (as it
    was Labor Day holiday Monday)
    Tues. Sept 2nd 3:17 PM
    Once again called Virginia to follow-up on dispute and did not recieve a call back
    Fri. Sept. 5th 7:18 AM
    I called Virginia once again and left a message. This is my 3rd call to follow-up. Let her know
    what hours I was available.
    Sat. Sept. 6th 10:30-2ish
    My phone was once again cut off. I called Sprint again to have this taken resolved. I spoke
    with Julio, a lead rep in the Finance Dept. He was horribly rude. He interrupted me
    multiple times, yelled overtop of me as I spoke, and basically called me a liar as I tried to
    explain the situation and all I had done to try and have this taken care of. I was put in
    contact with David Edge at the Sprint store in Newport News. I e-mailed him my bank
    statement and he submitted an unapplied payment request on my behalf. Julio then hung up
    on me, as I guess he thought I was done. I then had an online chat with a rep in regards to
    he situation. As helpful as he was, he was unable to assist me, but I filed a complain for the
    previous treatment I had been given by Julio.
    I once again tried to call Sprint. The woman I spoke with initially said she was transfer me to
    the Escalations Dept. but instead hung up on me once again.
    I AGAIN called Sprint and spoke with Helen. She placed me in contact with a lead rep in the
    Escalation Dept. once again. Her name was Miley and she was extrememly helpful.
    Tues. Sept. 9, 2008
    Once again had the original receipt faxed to Sprint (my mother did this) to the fax number
    given: 1-800-877-9000 at around 4:30
    Called Sprint at 6:56 PM to confirm the fax had been received. I was told that the system had
    yet to be updated with this information and to call back the following day. I also confirmed
    with the gentleman that my phone would not be cut off again until the situation was resolved.
    Tues. Sept. 16 10:35
    Service was once again interrupted. Called Sprint again. Representative told me to take bank
    statement to Sprint store in the morning, have them call National Sales Support and
    request $300 credit. Will be taken care of then. Turned services back on until I could get to
    Sprint the next day.
    Wed. Sept. 17 1:34
    Service was once again interrupted. Called Fin. Services once again since I could not get to
    Sprint yet. I was connected with the Sprint store in Lynchburg in an effort to get this
    taken care of once and for all. I e-mailed my bank statement to the manager at the store and
    told him the story and that I was told to have them contact National Sales Support.
    He told me to call back in the next 20-30 minutes. I was told that I needed to deal directly with
    the store at which I made the payment.
    Forestine- talked to her. She informed me that the notes on my account indicated the dispute
    had been RESOLVED on the 29th of August. She called Virginia (who originally called
    me. She got her voicemail as well. She then sent an e-mail to Payment Operations
    containing all the infomation needed. I was on the phone with Forestine for over an hour.
    She was very nice and helpful and did everything she could to help solve the situation. She
    provided me with the tracking number: 11609716.
    She gave me her information: She will look at it on Sept. 22nd at 11:30 EST/10:30 CST
    ext. 3892 Temple Texas Office 254-298-3892 Finance
    Escalation Dept. Senior Lead Rep.
    Thurs. Sept. 18 2:33 PM
    Called Sprint after service had been cut off once again. Spoke with Neal Wood who informed
    me that they once again needed my credit card number. I once again provided the number
    and also sent a copy of my bank statement via e-mail to Neal. My phone was restored and he
    said it would remain on for 7 days and the dispute may take 72 hours to research. He also
    told me he would contact me if any other information was needed.
  2. GrackleSpackle

    GrackleSpackle New Member

    Dec 15, 2008
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    Complain to the FCC. fcc.gov. You'll get somebody intelligent to deal with the dispute, and they hate to have unsuccessfully resolved complaints to the FCC.
    I didn't read your notes because logic often doesn't help with Sprint.
    You posted 9/29, but knowing Sprint, you may still be having problems.
  3. larry

    larry Sprint loyalist and former mod
    Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2001
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    Orange County, CA
    My Phone:
    Galaxy S22+
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    I doubt the original poster is coming back considering they haven't logged in since September.

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