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LG VX440, bitpim, cable help please...tried everything

Discussion in 'LG Electronics' started by IMTheNachoMan, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. IMTheNachoMan

    IMTheNachoMan New Member

    Aug 13, 2003
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    i have the lg vx4400 cell phone with a verizon service
    i bought the vx-1/vx-10 cable that all the posts said to get
    i installed the futuredial drivers from there website
    i installed bitpim (couldnt figure GAGIN out)
    i cant figure out which com the thing is on
    comscan doesnt list it
    on com 1 i get this errror
    An unexpected exception has occurred.
    Please report the following information to the developers

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "gui.pyo", line 180, in run
    File "gui.pyo", line 121, in __call__
    File "gui.pyo", line 759, in getdata
    File "com_lgvx4400.pyo", line 65, in getphoneinfo
    File "com_lgvx4400.pyo", line 548, in setmode
    File "com_lgvx4400.pyo", line 614, in _setmodemodem
    File "commport.pyo", line 40, in setbaudrate
    File "serial\serialwin32.pyo", line 186, in setBaudrate
    error: (87, 'SetCommState', 'The parameter is incorrect.')

    on com2 it says cant open port
    sometimes on com 2 3 or 4 it says i need to make the phone to RS-232Com

    i have been searching the forums for about 2 days cuause i know it would be stupid to ask if someone else has had the same problem and there is already a post
    but i wasnt able to find it
    either its not there or i couldnt find it

    i was hoping someone could please help me out
    i just want to be able to edit the phone book
    i have some 110 names i need to put in and i dont feel like doing it the long way
    and id like to send ringers and wallpapers
    but i was wondering what format the wallpapers had to be
    i didnt look around for that question so if someone already has answerd that then il read it when i get bitpim to work

    any help is appreciated
    thank you in advance
  2. njsvrzncdma

    njsvrzncdma i cant stop the ringing..
    Senior Member

    Aug 14, 2002
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    My Phone:
    LG vx8500
    Wireless Provider(s):
    seems this is a common problem. your not the first or last. you need to go into device manager in your computer to see what com port you cable is on. Most likely you will see its on com port 4. Then hit MENU 8>6>2 on your phone and change it to rs232-c then try to use bitpim.
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  3. Jedimasterdog

    Jedimasterdog New Member

    Aug 14, 2003
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    OK here is what you do. Not sure what os you have but this should work

    Plug and PRay method

    1. Plug usb cable into Phone and wait for the silly prompt newHardware dectected

    2.Instead of letting windows find it, choose advance and browse to the folder "drivers" This would be bundled with the USb pack found on futuredial website

    3. Once in the Drivers folder choose the OS you run. Now Windows will install the driver from the folder you pointed
    to. If it prompts again, point to same folder.

    What COm Port is phone on. ( Using Windows Xp Method)

    Go to Device Manager.

    2. Choose LG cdma port and set it to same as modem port. Ta da thats it

    Update!!!Got BItpim to work, Just needed to use the vx10 cable

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