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NORTHEAST U.S. -- LG P970 Optimus for use U..S.

Discussion in 'AT&T Wireless Forum' started by SRT8Rob, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. SRT8Rob

    SRT8Rob New Member

    Oct 13, 2011
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    Hey gang

    O.k. here is the deal. I was in Hong Kong back in July and I decide I like this phone(LG Optimus P 970). I asked the guy if the phone was unlocked and he said yes. I asked if this phone would work in the US and he said yes. So I bring the phone back and slip my ATT SIM in the phone. Phone worked but with issues. The calls drop out and no internet. SO I contact LG and this is what they said:You would need to check with AT&T about reconfiguring the Handset so that it can get Internet and send/receive Picture and Video messages.This would need to be done to your WAP and Browser Settings if it is ti work here in the US. You would need to get the Codes to permanently allow the LGP70 to work on an AT&T Network from AT&T as LG USA will not have those Codes available for such a purpose.

    So I contact ATT and this is what I get : Please refer to the
    to the manufacturer's Web site for support and warranty assistance. Since your device has not been tested on the AT&T network with AT&T services or SIMs, you may experience the following issues: Reduced coverage areas if their device does not support 850MHz and 1900MHz radio frequency bands, or has special embedded software to manage network selection. AT&T generally uses the 850MHz band. The AT&T SIM may not function correctly with your device. At worst, the device may constantly reboot when powered on. Increased number of dropped or incomplete calls when dialed because the device does not meet the much higher RF standard that AT&T requires. The message waiting indicator (MWI) may not work correctly and notify the user when there is a voicemail message waiting. The user may experience issues with carrier-specific keys on your device (e.g., T-Zones from T-Mobile or former AT&T Wireless) that are tied to carrier specific services. These services do not work on the AT&T network. The user is not able to download ringtones or wallpapers from the AT&T content server since the device is not recognized by the AT&T content server. Downloaded games may not function correctly since they require a specific Java certificate (a security element, customized for each carrier) on the device in order to operate. The AT&T name may not display correctly on the device when in idle mode.

    I got the APN from other forums with variations. I think the APN will settle the internet issue. Will it solve the dropped calls? I checked the wireless availabilities on this web site for my area and I see that the carriers has some differences in the systems they use, like ATT uses 850 MHZ and Verizon some form of another ect ect. The Optimus is a qual band phone. It pretty much has all the bells and whistles.

    Sorry for the long messages but I wanted to provide as much information for those who wish to provide and answer. I thank you all for taking the time to read this and chiming in.

    Kind regards,

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