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LG LX6000 Long Newbie question!

Discussion in 'LG Electronics' started by Hawaiiannights, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Hawaiiannights

    Senior Member

    Oct 17, 2002
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    Honolulu, Hawaii
    My Phone:
    LG LX8100
    Wireless Provider(s):
    Verizon..can you hear me now?
    Hello! I have recently purchased an LG LX6000. I am a newbie to this phone
    but by no means am a newbie to the wireless phone craze as this is my 8th
    phone. I've read almost every forum thread I could related to this phone
    and still have a few questions I would like answered by those of you who
    would be kind enough to spend a few moments to answer them for me. I
    currently have my data cable on order and am familiar with how to use
    bitpim, etc, but that is not what I have questions about.

    1. How do I get rid of the white bars on the top and bottom of the picture?
    I know your going to tell me to resize it, but I really don't think thats
    the problem. I currently have the picture sized at 120x131 which should be
    correct. I even tried making it larger, etc, but the white lines are always
    there. Is this only happening because I pix messaged it to the phone? Are
    the white lines gone if I upload the pics with the data cable?

    2. Is there a way to move the photo's i've taken from the Camera Gallery to
    the My Media/Graphics folder? (Besides pix messaging them back to yourself
    which costs money)

    3. I understand you can only keep 20 pix in the Camera Gallery, but is that
    regardless of what size/quality the photo is?

    4. How many photos can you keep in the Media/Graphics folder?

    5. How do I know which software version I have? And what is the most
    current? I show S/W Version T60VZV08 on my phone. Which version is that?
    Version 8?

    6. How can I add Pauses in the Mailbox Callback number. Speeddial #1? I
    tried everything I could to add "T's" or "P's" but it just keeps saying
    "enter numbers only!" I think you understand what i'm trying to do. I'm
    trying to set it up so that when I hold down the #1 to call my voicemail it
    automatically punches in my passcode, etc. I read some people were able to
    enter pauses but for some reason my phone won't let me. Is it because I
    have a newer software version? This is very irritating and I want to find a
    way around it. I know I could program it on another key but thats not the

    7. Is the Vibe with Ring function only with the LOUDEST sound setting? Is
    there a way to make it vibe with a lower more softer ring sound? I doubt it
    but this question was worth a try....

    8. Anybody but an aftermarket metal stub antenna? Your opinions on
    reception? Good, Same?, Bad...?

    9. On the phone discription it says something about a "mirror"? on the
    outside of the phone? What are they talking about? The round speaker cover
    reflection? WTF?

    10. I read the thread about being able to send midi files to your phone as
    a pix message sending to xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com but has this actually worked
    for anyone? It sure doesn't work for me...is there a trick to it? When ever
    I send it, my phone just says, something like unrecognizable file type and
    drops it...wtf?

    11. What sound file types can the phone actually play? MIDI, MP3, WAV? Etc?
    I hear so many different answers....i'm assuming MIDI is what is on the
    phone currently? Please clarify!

    12. What is menu "0" for? What can you actually do in there? I'm assuming
    you can change wap settings as one thing...what else?

    13. Anybody found a way to get a phone strap on this thing? I can't
    believe this phone does not have a little hole to put a strap through?
    Shouldn't that be like a cell phone standard?? wtf?

    14. What do you guys use to wipe the camera lens with? Does it get
    scratched easily?

    15. I read somewhere that any ringtones you upload via data cable don't
    repeat? Is that regardless of what type of file it is? Midi, mp3, etc? So
    you just have to make each music file extra long?

    Well I think thats it for now...until I think of some more....thanks to
    those of you who actually read this whole thing and thanks in advance for
    your replies if any!!
  2. xikle

    xikle For rent: inquire below
    Senior Member

    Jan 22, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Currently off base
    My Phone:
    BB Curve
    Wireless Provider(s):
    1. Don't know if you can, someone else might have the answer.

    2. You can send a pix message, but cancel it before it starts to send then save to the msg to the outbox and then save the pic to the media folder.

    3. Far as I know yep that's right, kinda sucks.

    4. Don't know.

    5. Last I heard the most current was ver. 6. On the phone I have it's T60VZV06.

    6. Not that I know of. Most people would add a voicemail entry to the phonebook and do it that way.

    7. Yep, vibe and ring will only work on the highest volume setting.

    8. Can't help.

    9. Yep the little mirror on the outside speaker is for self portraits.

    10. Heard it works but haven't tried it. Yahoo mail seems to be the choice to do that with.

    11. Midi, and wav (I think).

    12. Change the wap settings, get into the field test and other programming menus.

    13. Nope, I think Samsung is the only company to do that as a standard.

    14. I used a lens cleaning cloth, like the ones for glasses. I never had a problem with the lens getting scratched.

    15. Don't know.

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