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LG enV Touch VX11000

Discussion in 'LG Electronics' started by mmmmna, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. mmmmna

    mmmmna Junior Member
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    Aug 4, 2007
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    My Phone:
    Droid X2
    Wireless Provider(s):
    Hardware: 3.2 megapixel camera is very good, huge screens, rather quick response compared to other cellphones I've used.
    Software: Notepad tool is new and slightly useful, better clock, built in web shortcuts for MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etcetera. A lot of new software for the camera: some cropping functions, facial recognition in the software so you can add smiles or make funny faces, a facial makeover mode, and a panorama mode that stitches 5 pictures together (and does a rather good job of it!).

    VERY short battery life (one day give or take, depending on how much you use the phone), standard Verizon software is also a limitation.

    Worthy of note:
    This phone uses a new charger design, where the AC adapter does not have a built in cable, it uses the USB connector.
    To charge the phone, you have to connect the phone to the AC adapter using the USB data cable.
    That is not necessarily a BAD thing, but when you try to charge it with a generic car charger which offers USB power (for example, I bought a USB power plug to charge my MP3 player), then you might decide you want to buy a spare USB cable so you can leave the spare cable in the car (or at the work computer), so you can leave the one original USB cable at home.
    The problem here is that the aftermarket USB cables sold by Verizon Wireless stores will be seen by the phone as an incorrect cable and the phone will display an error message to tell you to get the correct cable.
    I hope that cable doesn't void your warranty.

    Summary: this phone could be so much more if only Verizon didn't have an exclusive on it, so that there could be a larger variety of software to install on it. Could the VX11000 enV Touch be a contender to the iPhone? No, most likely not (I haven't used an iPhone, but from what I've seen.... no), even if it didn't have to deal with the Verizon operating system lockdown.

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