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Laptop With No OS

Discussion in 'The Roaming Zone' started by palandri, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. palandri

    palandri Former Palm Guy

    Nov 17, 2009
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    Pixel 4
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    Project Fi
    My old AMD Samsung laptop was starting to get pretty slow with Windows 10, so I started looking for a new laptop.

    While I was looking at laptops at NewEgg, I stumbled upon an older, refurbished Lenovo laptop with no OS. What intrigued me was it had an Intel I5 CPU, and a pretty decent price. Even though it was an older I5, I knew it was a pretty decent and powerful CPU. I started googling for information on it and I found the same laptop at Amazon with a lot of reviews. I noted a few people said with it was a real decent laptop with a solid state hard drive, so I bought one to install so I could play with it.

    I bought an inexpensive 200GB solid state hard drive for it. When it arrived I installed the solid state hard drive and checked the RAM and discovered it only had a 2GB strip of RAM, not 4GB as advertised, so I upgraded it to 8GB of RAM.

    I installed LinuxMint on it to see how it would run and I was amazed. Everything is almost instantaneous with the solid state drive. I was thinking of installing Windows 10 on it, but I am not going to bother now since Linux runs so well on it.

    It's really a decent laptop. It's kind of heavy, but the performance with a solid state hard drive is really nice. Here's a link to the one I bought at NewEgg $222.00:
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