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I Wireless Customer Service

Discussion in 'All Other Wireless Companies' started by kesben, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. kesben

    kesben New Member

    Jul 15, 2011
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    I'm not sure if this is topical or not, but I recently had a nearly two month encounter with I Wireless that left me shaken to say the least. After damaging my phone and sending it to be replaced through I Wireless's Insurance plan, I received a phone back that was not like the one I had sent in. I tried to resolved the issue with the "third party provider" and was told to contact I Wireless, who then told me to contact the TPP and so on.

    Long story short, I Wireless agreed to exchange my insurance provided phone with a new one like the one I damaged. Awesome! Except the "new phone" they sent me was dirty, smelled like smoke and had the old user's contact information still intact. After calling I Wireless, they, once again, agreed to send me a brand new phone, never out of the package, I was assured. I received the phone, complete with pictures on it from September of last year and a score of glitches. Twice I was promised a new phone and twice was lied to, and was called a liar when I told them the second phone was used.

    After another week of fighting, I agreed to go with a different phone after I Wireless claimed they simply had none of the phones I wanted in stock. I told them I'll drop the whole thing and just take a different phone...except that phone I picked is an "upgrade" and will cost me $40 more...on top of the two months of no service and the two phones they sent me that were bad.

    After an hour of arguing with someone, I was told I could either take a different phone or pay the 40 or take my business elsewhere. Nothing I said made any difference, they were more willing to lose a customer than roll over on $40 and make the save.

    I am switching companies ASAP, going with Verizon, should have from the beginning. If you are looking for even the slightest amount of respect from your cell provider, if you in any way wish to be treated like a human being, have a conversation with a human being or want good service in exchange for your hard earned money, if you want to be called back or have an email acknowledged ( I called over 20 times and got four calls back, sent three emails and never gor so much as an automated response)...STAY AWAY FROM I WIRELESS...T Mobile affiliate, by the way.

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