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How come the website keeps letting me buy phones with the discount?

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by skinnyboy, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. skinnyboy

    skinnyboy New Member

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Okay..im sure people are going to go nuts ove this thread..but here goes. I have a sprint number..i opened up a second shared number to get a treo back sometime at the discount. When i didnt want the treo..i called sprint..so i wouldnt get charged the early contract termination fee..she left the second line open..but made it so i could sell the unwanted treo. Hence my phone bill shows two numbers..but i only have one phone , using the main number.
    Browsing on the sprint website..i typed in my numbers to check upgrade eligbility. The first main used number showed i had months to go. BUT...the second unused line..i had..was able to get the full 150 discount. So..i pulled out my credit card...bought a 300 dollar phone for 50 bucks...got it the next day...had it activated.
    Going back a week later online...the second number showed eligible for the 150 refund..so for the heck of it...i tried to purchase another phone online. Bingo..the next day , another new in the box 300 dollar phone for 50 bucks shows up.
    NOW WHAT? Can i activate this phone on my first main number...?? Can i stick the phone on Ebay and sell it..since i have opened it? Somebody please advise. Im not going to keep going on the website and trying to push my luck..but i got this extra phone..and im wondering if its locked since it hasnt been activated..

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