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Horrible REVOL service

Discussion in 'Central US Wireless Forum' started by craftslady2008, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. craftslady2008

    craftslady2008 New Member

    Sep 4, 2008
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    [B]Even with my mom there. And she has a revol phone too. The guy told me if I buy this Motorola E815 Phone and everything is included and mind you $200.05 dollars and I was able to send myself a text message with attachment to my email address on here. However Yes I said however you can't get any of the ficking ringtones anywhere and I have tried and I don't have a credit card to get those Revol bucks or whatever they are because a not me a family member ficked up my credit by putting my SSN so he could have credit cards and now he's living in prison and I hope he ROTS there! I wish Revol would allow at least one of these webpages on your computer IE to download a damn ringtone or a few and charge it to the phone. This is awful I will NEVER buy another Revol phone. I rather pay $700 to have a Cingular phone then to deal with their lies at the store and then oh yeah you have this and that and you can use a memory card in your phone but I have no idea where to get this memory card and oh and Revol said they don't have a memory card, you have to purchase one on your own BUT WHERE????? and brew is open to you free and just a bunch of BS to get you to spend $200.05 to $500 for a damn phone. I'm so pissed off at Revol can't they make their services to download free ringtones without this God forsaking Brew ____? I only had my phone since August 30th. Not to mention the service for 15 days free which the guy never told me about and I am on a fixed income SSI disiblity and I get a strange TEXT message stating I owe in 11 days $54.00?? I thought it was $47.00 a month??? So I called them up and I was so upset my mom had to talk to them and tell them she(meaning me) is on disiblity SSI and she can't possibly pay every two weeks and so they(so say I will see in a few days) waviered this for the 1st of October. I'm so pissed off this guy is a total LIAR!!! Yes I got names and I'm keeping a record of this REVOL BULL____! If anyone else is having problems keep all your recipets and box![/B]
  2. Cailiff04

    Cailiff04 Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Jul 11, 2004
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    Findlay Ohio
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    Samsung Galaxy S5
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    well the guy at the revol store must be on comission so thats why he lied...to make a sale!! I'm assuming it's $54.00 after all the taxes and everything...$47.00 for the plan...if you got it august 30 and get 15 days..take it back and get another carrier!!
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