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Help Me Pleeeeeze!

Discussion in 'NOKIA' started by Dubb, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. Dubb

    Dubb New Member

    Apr 9, 2003
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    I am new to this forum, so Hello folks. Okay now this is my issue. I went to Sprint recently, and I purchased that new Samsung N400 Phone that they are advertising for 49.99. So I got approved for the deal with no deposit. Like anything new, I was excited. Before this, I had a plan with Cingulair Wireless and was not happy with them, so I paid the termination fee and got out of the contract. (I don't know why those STEWPID (I meant to spell it like that) folks at Cingulair took Unlimited Nights and Weekends off their nation plans. With Cingulair I used the standard Nokia .. its the one that everybody and they momma got. Well this phone picked up in my apartment with noooooo problem (I swear those Nokia's will pick up in Hell) ...I digress.... Anyway I took my Samsung N400 to my apartment and I got NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO reception at all and it always said "Digital Roaming" so I was like okay I gotta get this fixed, so anyway after talks with Sprint's nice customer service, I am taking the phone back w/o penalties. I have to digress again.... I was talking to a Sprint Cust. Rep and I asked them what I could do about the roaming.. This STEWPID CSR said ..Well Sir we have a add-on where you can add 50 Roaming minutes for $10 a month. I told him that is not enough. This STEWPID CSR then said "Well Sir, you can add as many of these $10 bundles as you want" I said in my mind.. This STEWPID *bleep*. If he was in my position.. Would that be cost-efficient/effective for me. I WANTED THE ROAMING FEES TO BE COMPLETELY WAVIED with a monthly fee. Not a d@mn a la carte cell phone bill. So I was dissatisfied with the service and now I am going to return the phone. So now I WANT a Nokia phone because they will pick up anywhere... (this includes Hell) , but the problem is this: First of all I want to take advantage of T-Mobile's 1500 Minutes for 79.99 a month, Add Free Nights for 2.99 and maybe the Unlimited Text Messaging etc for $10, but they don't offer a very good selection of Nokia's that have the capabilities that I want. Now they do offer that new Nokia I believe the 3650 with the Camera with the dial pad that looks like a pack of birth control pills at the bottom or the old rotary phones, but I don't want to pay that much for it. It is like 200 bucks... for me that is tooooooooo much. Ok so let me get to my point already... I would like to get a Nokia (because the pick up anywhere... including hell) and these are the features that I want..

    1. No CAMERA... Sheeeeesh I just want to talk.. (Could come in handy though...)(snickerz)
    2. Speakerphone - it is a must with good adjustable volume.
    3. Changeable Cases... I like this idea it makes your phone look good - This is the least important though
    4. Internet Access - I want the latest XHTML fully capable browser with the capabilities of me programming my own applications in C++ and downloading them to it.. Don't know if Nokia's have caught on to that, but Sprint has.
    5. I want it to be shaped like the nice Square Nokia... or even a flip Nokia (if possible) would do long as it is lightweight, slim, and attractive with those changeable face plates.
    6. COLOR LCD!!! Saw it on the Samsung and died... OK I had the old Nokia for toooo long LOL.
    7. Price Range - (150-100) Give or take $10

    Can you help. I was looking at Nokia's website (www. nokia.com) and they have some KICK BOOTAY phones coming out.. 6220, 3300, You all should go check out the new Nokia that looks like a GameBoy. Awesome and not standard for me.. anyway I just want a nice NOKIA phone WITHOUT THE CAMERA!

    Oh and what do you guys know about T-Mobile's service... I want the goodies and cons on their Internet Service.. I saw the rates and it sounds like one of those manage your time on the net type plans. Its not an unlimited deal for a small fee but an a la carte type thing.

    Help Me!
    Dubb =)

    Oh and don't buy one of those cell phone boosters... its pure crapeth! They don't do a gawd d@mn thing! =)

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