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CENTRAL U.S. -- HAWK Electronics

Discussion in 'All Other Wireless Companies' started by cptwcn, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. cptwcn

    cptwcn New Member

    Jan 6, 2010
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    I was stuck in a two year contract with them and they provide no customer service, and shut my cell phone service off without contacting me. This provider is a North Texas Cell Phone provider which re-sells AT&T service.

    "Come for the savings. Stay for the service." ​

    Ironic. Those are the exact two reasons I would NOT recommend my last cell phone provider, Hawk Electronics to ANYONE.

    There are three things that I did not realize which might have influenced my decision to use them over two years ago when I was selecting a cell phone carrier:
    Hawk Electronics is a licensed provider a.k.a. a "re-seller" of AT&T service, which means that you get the exact same AT&T service, but all their prices are substantially marked up.

    Because they are such a small company their ability to bill utilizing auto-draft technology is severely limited.

    Doing a "Google Search" on Hawk Electronics or it's parent company Progressive Concepts, Inc. yields very few results; this is a red flag indicating to me that this company does very little marketing, likely because they want to continue to remain under the radar.

    For the entire duration of my contract with Hawk, my bill was paid every month through auto-debit (which I later found out is a person at the company who manually runs your debit card on the day you select each month). However, during one month toward the end of my obligation, an issue with my card prevented them from charging my card for my bill. The company never informed me of this problem until the following month when, without warning, they abruptly disconnected my service.

    My cell phone is my primary contact for my job and sudden service interruption had consequences for me. I brought this to the attention of Hawk Electronics Customer "Care", and there were no conciliatory actions taken, let alone an apology. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and made the decision to discontinue paying for over-priced phone service and poor customer service at the conclusion of my contractual obligation.

    I initiated a phone number transfer request with AT&T from Hawk Electronics on September 3. My contract expired on September 5. It took Hawk 15 days to release my phone number to AT&T. This subsequently pushed my service eight days into the next billing cycle. A provision in Hawk's contract states that they can charge their customers for the ENTIRE month's service even though only partial service has been rendered.

    The length of time for the transfer was completely arbitrary and beyond my control and entirely dependent on Hawk to fulfill my transfer request, leaving me (their customer of two years) completely disadvantaged. I contacted AT&T's National Compliance Center, as well as AT&T's Porting Department to ascertain why Hawk Electronics takes so long to release telephone numbers. Although they were not allowed to give me specifics, they stated that it only takes all other carriers 24-48 hours to release customer's phone numbers to AT&T.

    To make a long story shorter, all this ___-for-tat negotiation through the Better Business Bureau for the last four months is for a balance of $101. Why is Progressive Concepts i.e. Hawk Electronics going to such lengths for $101 of my hard-earned money?

    It all begins to add up:
    Hawk Electronics seeks $100 million from AT&T in Arbitration of Contract Dispute

    It comes down to exclusivity with the iPhone (which is my newest sweet "smartphone"!!) AT&T apparently does not trust Hawk to handle it's platinum product, and Hawk Electronics' viability in this market is now in jeopardy:


    As I stated in my final correspondence to Hawk Electronics below, I hope my $101 is worth the potential cost of losing customers who stumble onto my site, as well as the over 500 friends on Facebook where this blog is linked.

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  2. fonboy

    fonboy New Member

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Southern California
    I have dealt with Hawk Electronics for over 15 years. They offer the best experience in service that I have found! These guys are great!

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