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Getting runaround by Sprint PCS

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by nm-native, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. nm-native

    nm-native New Member

    Apr 21, 2007
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    New Mexico
    Hello. First of all, I know that people on this board that work for the telecommunication industry try to help sort out many things. I would like some input from those that work for Sprint PCS (or those that have had this happen to them).
    I was a Sprint customer for quite some time (since the late 90's). Didn't really have any problems with Sprint, but I was moving, and the area I was moving to is a big Alltel area (as well as almost everyone I know being on Alltel in this area). I had not been under contract for about 2-3 years (not one of those people that goes and gets a new phone every 18 months and then gets roped into a new contract - prefer to just buy the phone and not have the contract, just incase a situation occurs where I feel it is necessary to change providers). But, I had been a customer for almost a decade. When I changed carriers, I did "port" my number to the new carrier (temporarily until the move was final). I called Sprint to make sure that my account was cancelled. I cancelled about 2 weeks prior to the bill being due, so I talked woth a rep, and htey instructed me to go ahead and pay the entire bill and I would be issued a credit for the 'unused' portion and could be sent out a refund check. That occured April 18, 2007. I hadn't received my check in July, so I called to see what the status was on the refund check. There had not been anything issued. Of course the rep assured me that they were entering the information into the system and I would be receiving my check within 2 weeks. 2 weeks pass, and still no refund check. I called again, and was assured that it had been mailed out. I called back in August and was informed that a check was sent. I informed the rep that I had not received the check. She 'looked into it' and the check had not been cashed or deposited by me, making sure I had not received it. She said that a new check would be issued and seeing as how the amount of refund was already approved, I should expect a new check within 14 days. I called back after 14 business days and the check had not even been sent, it was still in 'processing' and would be sent out. At this time, I was primarily at my new location, so I had the rep change the mailing address to show that change (although I was still receiving mail at my old location as well, but it was much easier to have it sent to my new home).
    About 15 business days later I call, and it still had not been sent. The excuse given was that the original check had been sent to the wrong address (they gave me the old address), but I should receive a check within 14 business days to the new address. I informed the rep that I never received the check at the 'old' address, as I was still there when Sprint said the check was mailed out (in July). I asked to speak with a supervisor to have htem look into it (because frankly, I could only understand about every other word from this 'rep'). After waiting about 30 minutes on hold, was goven to a 'supervisor' who assured me that I would be receiving my check at the new address within 14 business days. I went over my 'call list' to her and how many times I had been told 'You will receive your check within 14 business days'. Also recorded this conversation (and informed her I was doing so).
    Still no refund check. Called back in September and nothing was even entered from the last time I called. Actually spoke with someone that has half a brain (or so I thought) in cancellation dept (necuase I was transferred over to that dept). She gave me the case number, so if I needed to call in again, I would have that information. She said she entered the refund check to be processed, and it would take about a week for that and then would be sent out, so to give it about 3 weeks. 3 weeks later, nothing.... Called 10/26 and was informed that a check had been sent out and I would receive it no later than 11/14/07. It is 11/26 and I sitll haven't received it. I caleld again this morning and was told the 'you will receive it by...' line. Informed the rep that if this was reversed and someone did not pay the bill for 7 months that they would be receiving a collection notice by now, and who should I send that collection notice to. I was transferred yet again, and after waiting about 30 minutes, someone from the cancellations dept came on the phone. I explained the situation to her, and she told me that the amount was actually credited back to the account and a check was issued 10/30 and I should receive the check the first week in December. I again asked who I should send the collection notice to, as I had listings of reps I had talked to, but didn't think that they should be held liable for the 'accounting' practices of Sprint. She told me to send anything to the PO box listed on my bill, attention Finance Dept.
    Any help with this? I am thinking that I should just go into a Sprint store and see what they have to say if I don't receive the refund the first week in December...

    And this is the reason that so many people HATE Sprint customer service. If I hadn't cancelled my phone service with them, they would surely be cancelling me for the 6-7+ calls I have made regarding this issue (wasn't it Sprint that was cancelling people who called customer service over a certain number of times??)

    Oh, and this should be a warning to all those out there usin Sprint services. Make sure they don't owe you money when you cancel the account. It would have been better if I had just not sent the payment in and waited a month to get a final number.

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