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Extended Roam - Digital vs. Analog Question

Discussion in 'Verizon Wireless Forum' started by CaptainLoose, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. CaptainLoose

    CaptainLoose Member
    Senior Member

    Feb 10, 2003
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    Chicago and Austin Tx
    My Phone:
    RAZR2 v9m
    Wireless Provider(s):
    I recently moved to VZW and purchased a trimode phone because an area I frequent was added to "extended digital" coverage. I was there over the weekend and had very little digital coverage; only analog which was poor at best - couldn't follow any conversation on either end.

    I tried to switch from A to B w/ no luck and can't (or don't know how to) "force" digital only on this phone. I asked the VZW store why their coverage maps show 100% extended digital and they said "Oh, that area is almost all analog"! I'm not talking a dead zone, I'm talking 100 sq. miles or so! :mad:

    Anyway, I'd be willing to try an all digital phone to see if it will work but I don't know if that will help. Does analog "trump" digital even where its available? Or, if I'm not receiving digital on the trimode phone does that mean it simply isn't there?

    My phone is v710; the area in question is NE lower peninsula of MI. Initially, I did receive extended roam digital via SID 244 but, as I went north, it changed to only analog on SID 1337 (once 1338). At one point, I had a digital roam signal on SID 1337. That makes me think that there is simply nothing but analog available -i.e., trying an all digital phone won't do anything for me.

    I only have 3 days left on my trial...any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Andy

    Andy Diamond Senior Member
    Senior Member

    May 25, 2003
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    My Phone:
    HTC Thunderbolt
    Wireless Provider(s):
    VZW, Vodafone D2, Solomo, Swisscom Mobile

    I have never been to this area myself... So the coverage map shows it as All Digital but you can't get anything but an Analog signal.... I don't think an all digital phone would make any difference other than not receiving any service at all where you would be roaming on an Analog signal with your tri-mode phone. The only thing I can think of is maybe Analog is prefered over digital in this area??? There have been lots of discussions about this area on this board though so I think more local people will reply soon and can help you out more.

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