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Denali and Wrangell St Elias Coverage Report

Discussion in 'Western US Wireless Forum' started by t6821hn, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. t6821hn

    t6821hn Junior Member
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    Jan 28, 2003
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    Vertu Ascent Ti Knurled
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    VZW, T-Mobile, Iridium
    Spent 5 days in Denali and Wrangell St Elias. Coverage for both Cingular and Verizon in Anchorage was good. Didn't have any problems making and receiving calls from both carriers.

    On Parks Highway (3) heading north from Anchorage, Cingular signal faded out about mile 63. Signal didn't come back until Cantwell, which was around mile 200. The signal was maintained from Cantwell to the Denali entrance, although it was rather weak. The signal was strong at the entrance and a few miles in.

    As for Verizon, a signal was had until mile 84 on the Parks Highway. Like Cingular the Verizon signal was good at Cantwell but was better from there to the entrance. The Verizon signal lasted a little longer in the interior.

    On the Denali Highway (8), both signals were good for about 3 miles from Cantwell. A signal was not reached again until Paxson, which was about 130 miles later. The Richardson Highway (4) heading south to Wrangell provided little if any coverage.

    Coverage was available from both carriers in Glenallen, Copper Center, and Kenny Lake. The phones were not turned on in Chitina so I couldn't verify. There was coverage in Kennicott and McCarthy, which is some 93 miles from Copper Center. Data was also available in Glenallen, Copper Center, and Kenny Lake. I was surfing the internet using Verizon national access-extended network. In the mentioned cities, Verizon roamed on ACS. Not sure about Cingular. No coverage on the McCarthy Road from cellular companies.

    Didn't really checked coverage on the Glen Highway (1), but in certain locations like Palmer and surrounding communities there was coverage.

    On the way to the Root Glacier in Kennicott, there was coverage but calls were unsuccessful. Satellite service from Iridium did work at every location possible, which was cool compared to Globalstar.

    Well, that's my report. While it is not entirely encompassing I hope that some of you will find it useful. Enjoy.
  2. RJB

    RJB Gold Senior Member
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    Dec 9, 2004
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    I find this very useful thank you for taking the time to do this.

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