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Cellular South added lots of towers in Sum 06

Discussion in 'All Other Wireless Companies' started by agentHibby, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. agentHibby

    agentHibby Iowa Cellular Guru
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    Sep 3, 2003
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    Nokia 6256i
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    Verizon Wireless
    Here is a list of towers they added in Mississippi this summer so far:
    *June 1, 2006 -Baldwyn, MS
    *June 1, 2006 -Hamilton, MS
    *June 7, 2006 -Indianola, MS
    *June 8, 2006 -Hwy 12/Steen, MS
    *June 8, 2006 -Mitchell, MS
    *June 16, 2006 -Glancy, MS
    *June 16, 2006 -Bowerton, MS
    *June 16, 2006 -Allen, MS
    *June 16, 2006 -Hwy 28/Pleasant Hill, MS
    *June 20, 2006 -Calhoun City, MS
    *June 21, 2006 -Jackson, MS
    *June 21, 2006 -Rufus, MS
    *June 21, 2006 -White Oak, MS
    *June 21, 2006 -Bay Springs, MS
    *June 21, 2006 -Raleigh, MS
    *June 21, 2006 -Sylvarena, MS
    *June 22, 2006 -Morton, MS
    *June 22, 2006 -Sulphur Springs, MS
    *June 26, 2006 -Marietta, MS
    *June 26, 2006 -Gulfport, MS
    *June 28, 2006 -Memphis, MS
    *June 28, 2006 -Columbia, MS
    *June 29, 2006 -Ripley, MS
    *June 29, 2006 -Randolph, MS
    *June 29, 2006 -Waynesboro, MS
    *July 6, 2006 -Columbus, MS
    *July 6, 2006 -Louisville, MS
    *July 6, 2006 -Sumrall, MS
    *July 10, 2006 -Gulfport, MS
    *July 11, 2006 -Starkville, MS
    *July 12, 2006 -Sidon, MS
    *July 12, 2006 -Tchula, MS
    *July 12, 2006 -Gulfport, MS

    Here is an uptodate list

    I am sure more is on the way. For a regional provider as small as they are I think it is wonderfull they can add this many towers in such a short time.

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