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Cell Tower Industry in NH/VT

Discussion in 'Northeastern US Wireless Forum' started by Feroze, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Feroze

    Feroze New Member

    Mar 1, 2005
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    West Lebanon, NH
    I'm a Masters student at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. I'm trying to study the challenges faced by the tower industry in New England, mainly NH and VT. I have a few questions regarding the cell tower industry .

    1) How does the industry work? i.e.What is the process for providing coverage to an area?
    2)Do cell companies decide where they neeed coverage (What is this decision based on?traffic?)
    3)Who do they go to once they figure out where they need coverage - Real Estate companies? Tower Companies?
    4)Who is responsible for negotiating for the land and lease etc?
    5)Who is responsible to see that the chosen site has access to power and telco - Cellular companies or Tower companies?
    6)What is the role of the tower company?
    7)Who finances what i.e What does the cell company pay for and What does the tower company pay for?
    8)How does the revenue model look?
    9)Rumors are that millions are tied up in NH/VT in unsuccesful attempts to put up cell towers - Are these just rumors?
    10)Whose money is this and Why is it tied up? Preparing for Zoning board hearings?
    11)Who is the end recipient of this money? Consultants?
    12)What is the average cost for putting up a cell tower and how is the cost divided?
    13)What are the major reasons why people do not want cell towers? Aesthetics?

    These are some questions to which I'd like answers.


  2. waywith

    waywith Junior Member
    Junior Member

    May 12, 2004
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    New Hampshire
    You are asking for a LOT of information that is not something most of the posters on this board will care about or be interested in, in my opinion.

    My suggestion would be to call US Cellular's store nearest you, and ask if you can spend some time with the local manager. He/she should be able to answer most of your questions. You need someone very knowledgeable of industry practices.... most of the readers and posters on this (and other cellphone-related boards) are ordinary users who don't get down to this level of detail, and aren't usually interested in it, anyway.

  3. jrip

    jrip Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Nov 30, 2004
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    Sanyo MM-7400
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    Here are a few answers.
    Basisally you have the same answer for both. The cell companys start with the latest U.S. census info, looking for the most populates areas. Those nearest to major highways usually. Some carriers simply "blanket" all areas they own liscence's for. Most do not. Carriers do not want to buid out into any areas that are not going to provide imediate and substantial boost to Minutes of Use(mou). Thus revanues.
    Usually carriers will look for an existing tower location that will serve their needs. Building a tower is usually the last chioce. Co-locating is prefered. So tower company's are looked at first. But any suitable structure is considered.I.E. water towers, buildings, power transmission lines, radio towers etc. basically anything that will keep the carrier from forking over the dough to build a new tower.
    If the site is co-located the tower owner/manager is generally responsible. But since many do not get the proper permits from the local government,because it will raise taxes on the site, carriers may actually seek permission to co-locate from local governments. Sometimes the carrier handles all of the legal stuff just to cover thier own behinds.Co-locating is much easier to get aproval for than building a new site. If the carrier is building the site(including the tower) they are responsible for everything.
    Depends on if the tower company own just the tower itself or the cell equiptment also. If the tower company owns just the tower then thats all they are responsible for. The carrier is responsible for their equiptment. If the tower company owns the tower and equiptment then they are responsible for the equiptment maintenance also.
    These people are called NIMBY'S(not in my back yard), and usually claim not only the asthetics but health reasons. They also sometimes claim the tower may lower property values.

    These are about the best answers I can give you. Remember alot of this is different between carriers. Not all do the same thing the same way. If you do get somebody from a certain carrier to talk to you, remember they all are required to play by the same rules. But many do not play by the rules at all.

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