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Cell Phone Usage Statistical Information

Discussion in 'GENERAL Wireless Discussion' started by helrojas, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. helrojas

    helrojas New Member

    Mar 10, 2013
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    Las Vegas
    Hi there ya'll,

    I'm needing help gathering some statistical information in my area about cell phone usage, preferably I need to satisfy the question of how many devices are active here in Las Vegas. Population here in Clark County is 1.9Million. According to some other data I found there are over 102% of wireless devices in the country. That's over 330Million tablets, computer and phones for our national population of 312Million. Those two bits of information do not equal a good enough conclusion. For example, toddlers do not subscribe to carriers, and understandably some people own multiple phones.

    Now I understand beggars can't be choosers so if anyone has suggestions to a real good resource on statistical usage data that satisfies my general question of how many phones are active by region/city/state my question could be satisfied. The data I referenced above just generalizes 'wireless' devices and doesn't categorize what they are or how they're used.

    Thanks in advance for helping me with my report.
  2. RadioRaiders

    RadioRaiders RF Black-Belt
    Senior Member

    Apr 2, 2007
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    Hi, welcome. Are you interested in "devices" or "subscriptions"? If somebody says "there are over 102% of wireless devices in the country" does that mean all wireless devices ever sold? Or sold in the last year? Or..? I have 2 phones I currently use, and about 10 old ones in my desk draw.

    "Active cellular subscriptions" would be a better gauge. Usually cellular operators give total number of subscribers in their quarterly/annual reports. Don't forget, in addition to people having multiple subscriptions, they also count "M2M" (Machine to Machine) subscriptions as well. For example, that could be alarm systems, meter-readers, tracking devices, etc. that use a cellular connection.

    Unfortunately, most data is given on a national scale. Finding info on regional levels probably won't be easy to find. Maybe if you call each cellular provider that is active in your region and ask them they might give you some info. Your best bet would be to you contact their PR office and say it's for a news article. Good luck! :)
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