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Caution using "Professional" Wireless Consultants

Discussion in 'Working or Investing in the Wireless Industry' started by SIXPACRAT, Apr 1, 2018.


    SIXPACRAT New Member

    Oct 31, 2017
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    Ladies and Gents.
    I'd like to share my personal experience with you all.
    I am a RE investor.
    I have had wireless carrier on my property since 1988.
    I have learned a lot. Not everything, but a lot.
    A general synopsis;

    I had the misfortune of contracting for 60 days, (plus 2 additional weeks if substantial progress was made and the consultant needed more time) with a "Professional Wireless Consultant" to settle a major default on a major carrier lease and to review terminology on a second major carrier's lease I personally had negotiated satisfactorily to both the carrier and myself, but not yet signed. The Consultants primary job was only to get a settlement for a default discovered while in negotiations with my other wireless tenant. My attempts to settle with the defaulting carrier had stagnated.
    The contract with the consultant stated that if the consultant was unable to secure lease for both carriers, my advance payment to "start" of $8,800.00 would be refunded. That's right, stupid on my part to give an advance, but I would get it back. Right? The contract would also give 5% of the lease amount based on a 5yr. income calculation to the consultant.
    So, once my money was sent, communications slowed. As per our contract, I would not contact any of the carriers directly. Only through the consultant.
    So long story shortened. Bit.
    Consultant failed to secure settlement with defaulting carrier and with non defaulting carrier within the contracted time . Offered terms to carriers without my approval and accepted them. Negotiated a lease extension with the defaulted carrier when I said, first settle the numerous default issues. No lease had materialized to review at all from the defaulting carrier. Consultant produced a lease claiming to be perfect on the last few days of contract.
    One day after contract has expired, consultant asked for a 30 day extension. I said no. Did not contact consultant again.
    On Sunday, consultant texts me saying "need approval for extension, get back to me asap since I have a meeting with carriers attorney on Monday morning to discuss lease." After I did not respond, the consultant said "I will do a "backwards extension via email since I can't reach you". What is a backwards extension? That's right, no such thing.
    The next series of texts were the most damaging to the consultant. They consisted of threats of disclosing our conversations to the carriers as to how I was going to "blackmail" the carriers (my long time tenants) into something bad, unless I sent her the commissions and fees. Consultant was demanding $17,000.00.
    Monday, I advised the carriers and the consultant that the consultant was not my rep any longer and I would discuss terms one on one with carriers
    The consultant, emailed the carriers (my tenant) 45 minutes later saying "I have some information that the carriers would be most interested in hearing about the "sneaky plans" of the landlord.
    What have I learned?
    *The Consultants are not a regulated profession.
    * To negotiate land leases and collect commission/fees/money directly, one needs a Brokers license in the State of California. Doesn't have one.
    *Threatening Blackmail is a felony. The State Penal code 518PC protects consumers against Extortion
    *Threatening blackmail in written form, State Penal Code 527PC, Extortion.
    *Operating under a LLC not registered in the state it operates. No record of LLC.
    *Consultant has failed after numerous requests for IRS W-9 information.
    I'm sure most are decent people who act as consultants, but I chose poorly. After talking to one of my carries, he said there is really no such thing as a professional consultant. Maybe that's true. But there may be good ones that are not "professionals". I will not use again. Just me and my lawyer next time.
    Just a costly story to tell now.

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