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Bluegrass Cellular Help

Discussion in 'All Other Wireless Companies' started by JefferyD90, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. JefferyD90

    JefferyD90 New Member

    Oct 13, 2009
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    Campbellsville KY
    OK, I have a Blackberry Pearl 8330 for Bluegrass Cellular. I live in Campbellsville, KY and have a COMPLETLY unlimited plan, thats calls, text, and data.

    Reciently I have been having a problem with my data services and the support team for Bluegrass Cellular seems to be less qualifyed than myself.

    My problem is that I live a little(by a little I mean a couple hundred foot) out of the way of getting DSL for my home. My next door neighbor can get it but I can not. So there for I have gotten a EV-DO capable phone from Bluegrass Cellular(they are the only company that has an unlimited data plan around, thats not $100).

    Now lately I have been having problems with the data coverage of my phone. I have had the phone since December of last year. And my problems have only been occuring for the past 2 months.

    My phone keeps on going over to the old service and not the digital EV-DO service. In the top corner where my service type is specified it will say EV-DO, then switch to ev-do, then to 1X, and finally stop at 1x. Im guessing that the signal strength is what the capitol letters stand for as compaired to the lower case. I know that usually for the first hour I use my tetherd connection, it will stay in the EV-DO, but lets say I was downloading a movie or something like that(something that would take a hour or more of constant connection) it will switch at about a second or so for each step. Then all I half to do is unattach my phone from my computer and wait. 10 seconds or so after that then I'm ready to go. At first I thought that it could have been my bluetooth radio on my phone because I leave it on all the time. But soon to find out it would do it even if turned off. Now I have ran out of ideas. I have 4 bars most of the time NEVER falling to 2 and sometimes going to 5. Acutal right now is -80db. So I don't believe that it is a problem with signal ratio.

    I have ran out of ideas. And anytime I call bluegrass cellular I either get a dumb girl that understands my situation and all they can do is transfer my call to someone else, or a man who is to technal for his own good and does not understand my situation.

    If anyone thinks that they can help please feel free to ask me more question, or post sudgestions. I'm willing to try anything reasonable.

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