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Block Your Number From Caller ID Spoofing and Cyber Stalking

Discussion in 'Wireless News' started by Ironwalt, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Ironwalt

    Ironwalt Junior Member
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    Nov 28, 2005
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    NLR, Arkansas
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    Press Release Source: LIGATT Security, LLC

    Block Your Number From Caller ID Spoofing and Cyber Stalking, a LIGATT Security Watch by Gregory Evans
    Monday December 17, 2:29 pm ET

    LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Dec 17, 2007 -- LIGATT Security, the provider of the world's largest telephone spoofing service, SPOOFEM.COM, launches SPOOFABUSE.com to help combat cyber stalkers and abusers. Although SPOOFEM.COM offers a services that can help protect a caller's identity, it can also be used as a tool for phone abuse. Knowing this, we have decided to provide a free service to allow you to block your number from being spoofed by phone abusers.

    When you submit your information on SPOOFABUSE.com, LIGATT Security will submit your information to other providers such as SpoofTel, TeleSpoof and its competitors.

    LIGATT Security is providing this service for free. The free service may take up to 7 business day to block your number. You can choose to pay a small fee of $10; SPOOFABUSE.COM will confirm that your phone number was dialed through our system, along with the date and time. LIGATT Security will also block your number and email you a confirmation within 24 hours (includes weekend). LIGATT cannot provide the name and phone number of the person who made the calls.

    For more information go to SPOOFABUSE.com (http://www.spoofabuse.com).

    About LIGATT Security

    LIGATT Security is a premier Hi-Tech security company that continues to strive as a leader in computer security and CCTV surveillance.

    LIGATT Security, LLC
    13428 Maxella Ave.
    Suite 293
    Marina del Rey, CA 90292
    (866) 354-4288
    Email Contact

    Source: LIGATT Security, LLC
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  2. screwspoofem

    screwspoofem New Member

    Jul 15, 2008
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    Don't use Spoofem.com or anything affiliated with Ligatt. Here is an email I sent to them regarding my complaints. Their service isn't "anonymous" by any means, because a few days later they send a text out to everyone you called offering their services!

    To whom it may concern,

    I am not only dissatisfied with your service, but extremely angry at your audacity to go behind your paying customers backs to try and up sale your services. I will get into that at the end of this email.. I initially called this weekend inquiring about any connection fee's, etc you may have because my TOTAL (from the moment I dialed your 800# to the time I hang up) call would only be 3 minutes , and when I call back, 9 minutes would be gone, and your Customer Service said they would credit my account an additional $31.50 AND email me a complete rate sheet. I never received either. But that's not the end of it, yesterday your predecessor company, Ligatt, sent out a text to every single person I called with your service attempting to gain business by asking them about the "fake calls and texts" they have been getting and that your company can help for a fee of $25. What a GREEDY company you are. You completely defy the purpose of us using your service by notifying everyone I called via text about your services. I called your "Customer Service" again today, and got an EXTREMELY unprofessional character on the line. He was RUDE, assumed he knew what I was going to say and tried to cover up the fact that your company text EVERYONE, when it was obvious that you did, so he kept interrupting and wouldn't allow me to explain what happened. He was quick to jump into "well if you don't like our service, cancel it by email". I would like to completely cancel your services so I can obtain service thru a company with some professionalism and would like a full refund, for you not disclosing any connection fees or total rates, as well as false promises, and you not notifying your customers that you will be contacting the 3rd parties to offer your services. Consider this my official notice of cancellation. Below is the forward of the text you sent to everyone I called.

    Thank You,


    ----- Forwarded Message ----

    LIGATT: R U getting fake calls & txts from strange #s. U want to no who it is? We can help 4 $25
    email removed or reply 2 this text
    #2 screwspoofem, Jul 15, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 15, 2008
  3. thom

    thom New Member

    Jul 15, 2008
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    That sucks man ^^^
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