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Best way to go from SERO to Add a line on Family plan

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by Airb330, May 17, 2010.

  1. Airb330

    Airb330 Silver Senior Member
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    Apr 25, 2002
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    Mt. Royal, NJ
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    iPhone 4
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    Right now I have 2 Pres on the 129.99 1500 family plan and 1 phone on a $30 SERO plan. The SERO plan is the phone my mom uses, let's call that line 8128. She only uses voice and can barely read a text message that I'll send to her. But, the SERO contract is up and it'd save me $10 a month to switch the line to the family plan.

    I want the EVO and would like to use the 8128 line for the upgrade. Is it possible to add the phone to my current plan, without a contract? I can see them giving me trouble. Then in June, get the EVO at Best Buy and just swap ESNs when I get home. This would be the easiest, but I doubt Sprint will just add 8128 to my plan without a contract.

    Or should I just go to Best Buy in June, buy the EVO. Activate a new number on it, pay the 199.99. Switch ESNs. Then "port" the 8128 number from SERO to the new line? Not really sure if one can port a number from one plan to another on the same carrier.

    My end goal is to add my mom's number to a phone line on my family plan, cancel SERO, and get the EVO. I cannot stand the Pre hardware anymore and would rather not wait till October 1 when my upgrade comes. FYI, I'm afraid to get the EVO at a Sprint store or online because when I switch the EVO from 8128 to my line...it will definitely cause me to lose the mail in rebate.
  2. AnthroMatt

    AnthroMatt Big Meanie
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    Jul 9, 2002
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    San Diego, CA
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    Apple iPhone 13 Pro
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    Verizon, AT&T Prepaid
    What I would do is wait until the EVO is released, buy it as an upgrade on the 8128 line, which will force you off the SERO plan onto a regular plan. Then, once you have the EVO activated, go home and use the online phone activation tool to re-activate your moms old phone on the 8128 line, activate the EVO on your line, then call Sprint to have your mother's line added to your plan.

    It might not be the "cleanest" way to do things, but it is probably the plan with the least chance that something goes terribly wrong.

    Sprint has allegedly unlinked contract status from upgrade status, so you should be able to just add her line to your plan now without affecting her upgrade eligibility even if you need a new two-year agreement. But there is always the chance that doesn't go well, and then you would be left needing to call Sprint to get things straightened out.

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