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B2B Door-knocking? Anyone who's done it?

Discussion in 'Northeastern US Wireless Forum' started by pfp, Nov 13, 2002.

  1. pfp

    pfp Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Sep 25, 2002
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    Rochester, NY

    I may be taking up a position w/a Nextel Agent (also a T-mobile dealer, I believe). I was informed that about half the time in this company is spent basically cold-calling from door-to-door of businesses. I've been trapped in the residential door-knocking game before, and I'm never going to go straight-commission again, BUT, I've been told that this is salary+comm.

    My question is: How successful is this really? I mean, when a new cellular company shows up, they often drop flyers in a mall, but how successful is going around to businesses and just chatting at people. Obviously, it's better for a better sales rep, but this seems like too strongly of a "No Solicitors" day and age.

  2. DandyDon

    DandyDon Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Aug 28, 2002
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    on the right coast
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    I have been selling Nextel for about 5 years now, B2B. When I started it was tough, but knew it was going to be. I don't just pop-in to many places rather I cold-call. It has been very rewarding but difficult at the same time. We have/had AT&T to fall back on as well.

    If you are a true people person, you will love it. The greatest thing about the job is getting out, seeing my customers and learning about other businesses. It is amazing the behind the scenes activities that take place in all the different fields.

    Down side, it is extremely hard at first. So many peole using it, so many others selling it, so many rude people. Don't know how many people they just signed a 3 year contract with someone else. These same rude people act as though whatever you are selling has ruined their life and YOU are the cause of their grief. When you combine all the negativity and the rejection it can wear on you especially in the beginning.

    The Up side is if persistant you will get sales and it ballons from there. The first 3-6 months you really have to work hard (plant seeds) and then the fruits of the labor start to roll in. Most of my sales now come from Referals and add-on's. It is amazing how much of an asset current customers are especially if you take care of them. Word of mouth can travel quickly, even the time frame might not be immediate but sales will develop down the road. But again it is persistance and not forgeting to contact people when they said to contact them.

    If I would recommend something it would be the product knowledge side of the learning curve, learn it quick. Then learn the plethera of data opportunities that work with Nextel. There are so many applications on the market that can benefit so many companies. I have seen many people go in on appointments to sell data only and then get voice activations from it. Not many people (Other sales people) take the time to learn. In the customers eyes it is a cell phone just like any other cell phone. If you can show them it is not just a cell phone, and the other ways Nextel can help them do what they do better, you will be successful and stand out from the rest.

    I wish you luck, and if I can help in ANY way let me know. Feel free to email directly [E]dreed@digitelsales.com[/E]
  3. WirelessToday2

    Nov 30, 2002
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    If someone told you half the time you spend will be knocking on doors they where wrong. You should spend 80% of your time beating the streets. Think about it like this. You have a product that you want to sell, in order to sell that product you have to be in front of your customers. What seperates you from all of the other people that call or email businesses at random. You have to get that potential customer to like you. If they find something wrong with you they will find something wrong with your product. If they like you they will buy from you. Go to a business with the intention of just learning a little bit on how they do business as opposed to what can you sell them today. The more you know about how there business operates the more beneficial it will be down the road.

    Ask the customer open ended questions. People love to talk. Let them tell you about them and there business.
    Get in good with the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper may be the receptionist, secretary, Admistrative assistant. If they like you they will mention you by name instead of the guy from Nextel.

    Go to large companies see if they will allow you to set up in the break rooms. Hospitals, Call Centers, Home Depots, any large companies. Keep in mind you are looking for people with great credit. If you ever have any questions in the future please email me at wirelesstoday@rgv.rr.om

    Good Luck! and Happy Selling!

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