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ATT Go Phones?

Discussion in 'Northeastern US Wireless Forum' started by sabre252, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. sabre252

    sabre252 Member

    Jun 21, 2004
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    New Jersey
    hey guys,

    I have another question, all in the course of one day (i belive this is what my mom calls "being on the war path")

    I was talking with my mom shortly after i first posted, and realized that she could really use a cell phone, but I dont want to add her to my cellular plan at the moment, as its currently in a state of flux (and we dont recieve a signal at our family home), so i started to consider prepayed phones....interesting but constantly adding minutes can be annoying...then I found the Go PHone from ATT wireless, i was wondering...how exactly does this work? it has "rate plans" like normal phones, yet it claims that there are no contracts...is this a hybrid of normal and prepayed?

    Second, as many of you know, I'm considering switching to ATT (and have developed somewhat of a phobia of contracts that lock u in), would this be a good idea? i'd use about 3-500 minutes a month, my mom many less, would the ATT Go Phone have the same coverage as the normal ATT phones? (i dont mind extra roaming or anything, just want coverage)


    -- Sabre
  2. Yahoo!Man

    Yahoo!Man Banned

    Jun 9, 2004
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    Nokia 1260
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    AT&T Wireless (TDMA) - Free2Go Wireless
    Go to this link for details on AT&T Go Phone : http://www.attwireless.com/personal/gophone/index.jhtml;dsessionid=M112TJIPMPKNVB4R0EPSFEY

    Charge Options Anytime Minutes & Per Minute Charge mMode* Unlimited Nights & Weekends* Nationwide Long Distance National Roaming* Text Messaging*
    $19.99 up to 80 mins (25¢ min)
    $29.99 up to 200 mins (15¢ min)
    $39.99 up to 400 mins (10¢ min)
    $49.99 up to 500 mins (10¢ min)
    $69.99 up to 700 mins (10¢ min)

    M-Mode is 3.99
    Plan $29.99 includes unlimited weekends
    All plans $49.99 and up include unlimited nights and weekends

    ALL PLANS include Naitonal Roaming, Nationwide Longdistance and Text Messaging

    You only get certain areas or states

    You can not get Nationwide Roaming


    *mMode: with the $3.99 mMode package your charge is only 1¢ a minute. Without the $3.99 mMode package you automatically get the basic option at 3¢ a minute. When Roaming in the U.S. or Canada outside of the National Service Area data usage billed at 1.27¢ per KB.

    *Unlimited Nights & Weekends: Available when you sign up for Auto-Payment - recurring payment on your credit/debit card or checking account.

    *National Roaming: 25¢ per minute when outside the National Service Area. Domestic and international long distance may apply.

    *Text Messaging: Receive unlimited messages at not charge. Send, forward and reply to text messages for just 10¢ per message. Pricing refers to messages sent from the AT&T Wireless network to any domestic wireless phone number or email address.

    Explanation of Rates and Charges

    ©2004 AT&T Wireless. All Rights Reserved. Next Generation Device Required. Your device has been manufactured to operate exclusively on our network and cannot be activated with any other wireless carrier.

    On the AT&T Wireless Next Generation network, voice usage is measured during the time you are connected to our system, which is approximately from the time you press the button that initiates or answers the call until approximately the time the first party terminates the call. Voice usage for each call is deducted in full minute increments with partial minutes rounded up to the next full minute. While on the AT&T Wireless network, there is no charge for busy or unanswered calls if you end the call within 30 seconds. Availability, timeliness and reliability of service are subject to radio transmission limitations caused by system capacity, system repairs and modifications, your equipment, terrain, signal strength, weather and other conditions. Different rates apply for calling card or credit card calls, international calls or operator assistance. Long distance charges for calls received while roaming are calculated from your home area code to the location where you received the call. VoiceInfo, call waiting, accessing voicemail from your wireless device and three-way calling will incur airtime or roaming plus applicable long distance charges. Call forwarding usage is charged at 40 cents per minute plus applicable long distance charges. You will be charged for each text message sent from your device, whether the message is delivered or not.

    You will automatically receive limited access to AT&T Wireless data service for 3¢ per kilobyte on any domestic GPRS network. Additional hardware, software, subscription, credit or debit card, Internet access from your compatible PC, and/or special network connection may be required for some data services. In addition to mMode charges, additional monthly and/or usage charges apply for some service options. You must have a compatible third-party instant messenger screen name or account to use instant messenger service on your phone. You will be charged for all data usage sent through our network, including any advertisements which appear on your device, regardless of actual receipt. As often as once per hour or only once every 24-hours our system will create billing records for each data gateway or carrier's network accessed during that period. The usage for each billing record will be rounded up to the next kilobyte and a cost will be associated with each billing record and rounded to the nearest cent. When actively sending or receiving data, you will not receive call notification and the Find Friends application will not be able to locate you. Location services only provide the location for the most recent cell site the device has contacted. The distance from cell site to device will vary.

    Automatic recurring payments will be made at least once every 30 days in the amount disclosed during activation to replenish your account balance. If you are on the automatic rolling option, additional automatic payments will be made every 30 days or whenever your balance is reduced to $5 or less, which ever is sooner. If you are on the fixed monthly option, your automatic recurring payment will only be made once every 30 days. You may also proactively replenish your account at any time using select payment options. A surcharge may be assessed for non-recurring payments using cash. Some payment options may not be available in Puerto Rico. Amounts deposited into your account are not transferable or refundable. Funds deposited in your account expire after 30 days and will be forfeited if not used prior to the expiration date. However, if additional funds are deposited in your account earlier, the new expiration date that relates to the additional funds will apply to the entire balance in your account. Your service will be suspended once your balance is depleted. Service charges may be deducted from your account in a subsequent period due to delayed reporting between carriers; this service will be charged as if used on the day billed by us. We will provide an online, electronic usage summary in a format we choose, which may change from time to time.

    Many services and features may not work when off the AT&T Wireless Next Generation network. For business contracted customers, your end users' usage on GoPhone will not receive any service discount, nor will such usage contribute to your Minimum Annual Commitment of service revenue or otherwise contribute towards your monthly volume of Qualified Charges. Eligibility requirements, pricing, features, roaming, international calling and calling areas are subject to change or removal without notice. You will be bound by the terms of the Service Agreement included in the Reference Guide. Returned Check Charge will not exceed $20; AT&T Wireless Connect® 411, $1.25 per use, plus airtime, roaming and applicable long distance, while on the AT&T Wireless network. Regulatory Programs Fee, other charges, surcharges, Universal Connectivity Charge, and federal, state and local taxes apply. We have a commitment to privacy and encourage you to learn about our practices by reading our Privacy Policy at attwireless.com/privacy.

    Text Messaging: You can only send short text messages in select geographic areas. You will be billed for all messages sent from the device, regardless of receipt, destination or content. Not all devices operate outside the United States. Ability to send messages when

    Off the AT&T Wireless network varies. Ability to receive messages or place calls in any geographic area is not an indication that you can send messages. In certain countries you may be able to send messages only to the United States. Messages sent when outside the United States are 50¢ per message. For additional information see attwireless.com/text or the Text Messaging Services brochure.
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  3. BillRadio

    BillRadio Wireless Consultant
    Senior Member

    Feb 7, 2002
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    My Phone:
    Wireless Provider(s):
    Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint
    Y-Man gave you all the fine print on the GoPhone. It is a pre-paid service, but they make it very easy. You can have the monthly fee taken automatically from your credit card (some can do checking account). They charge extra for cash payments. It makes pre-paid automatic.

    One option they don't tell you about is manual payment. You can use your minutes until they're gone. Then you can replenish when you want to use the phone again, as long as it's within 60 days. After that you can still re-up, but you may lose the original phone number. They give you the "$5 left" Text warning whether you have automatic payments or not.

    Also, if you pay one day early, all your minutes roll over to the next month, but that requires manual payment before you reach the 30th day. Correspondingly, if you sign up for the automatic payment plan, you could be re-setting your account in less than 30 days without the benefit of rolling over unused minutes.

    Remember, you pay tax on top of the monthly amount (about 10-15%). Also, repleshment every 30 days means you'll go through a 'year' after 360 days, not 365.

    They say you can't roam off the AT&T network, but users have come here saying their GoPhone works on Cingular as well. I can't tell.

    As long as you understand the limitations and can watch for the "gotchas", GoPhone is a good plan. Here is a great review of prepaid plans.
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  4. playinitup

    playinitup New Member

    Aug 20, 2006
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    att go phones were great when i had one now with t-mobile, only because my daughter works for them and needed activations. I have found out since being with t-mobile i have many dropped calls and do not have a wide variety of coverage w/ them. I go over my minutes and pay an average of over 100+ monthly. thinking about switching back to cingular go phones who merged w/at&t. much larger area coverage, and reasonable plans! you just have to pay for the phones.

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